Thursday, February 23, 2012

Making Mickeys for Yourself

Making Mickeys For Yourself

Have you seen the Disney Fans with Icon Mickeys that have a character and/or their name of them? Have you ever wondered how they do it? Well, let me tell you it is not that hard.

The actual process is much like it would be doing it with paper using scissors and putting it together.

First you will need a computer program that can take a graphic or picture and cut a circle shape out of it. If you can do that you can make the circles two different sizes and make your own Mickeys! I have a recent version of Roxio. This program can also make DVD of your home made movies.

Pick your graphics. Do a Bing or Google search for the graphics you are interested in.

Cut a circle out of it.

Make the circles the correct sizes to make your Mickey.

I found it easiest to put the circles together in a new document.

Now you can add text or another graphic.

If you want to add a character graphic you will need to use a computer program to “mask” around the character. It is like tracing the outer line of the character with a pencil except you are using your mouse instead of a pencil. Then you will cut and paste it onto your newly made Mickey.

Here are a few of mine. Have fun!!

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