Sunday, February 26, 2012

Redwood Creek Challenge Trail ~ Handicapable Information

Redwood Creek Challenge Trail ~ Handicapable Information

Some of Challenge Trail is not usable for people with limitations but most areas are accessible so you can watch others doing things like the Squirrel Scramble, Angels Flight, Smoke Jumpers or Rock Traverse. These areas are not doable for people with some physical limations.

What those with limitations can do is follow the animal tracks, enjoy the beautiful environment and get a taste of the High Sierras and watch the show. They can be with their family/friends as together they explore the wilderness. What you need to be aware of is there are stairs in several places and thin bridges to cross. No worries as there are clearly marked paths that you can use to get around those problems. There is one area with a rope bridge that those with physical limitations can’t access.

Children with ADHD or just with a need to burn off some energy will find this a perfect place to run free. Keeping a child that is used to having time to burn off excess energy confined in lines for hours at a time with no release is too much to ask. This gives them a much needed break so they can enjoy their time at the park and not have problems. This is also a fantastic break from the feeling of being in a manmade location. You can get into a little bit of nature (even if some of it is manufactured).

For a child with special needs that has not seen the great wilderness this is a fantastic and safe first exposure. They can see the animal tracks, hear the animals and walk trails that look like the real thing. They can participate in the things they are able to do and skip what they can’t. Nobody is hurried in doing the activities. If they need a few more minutes to get on the Smoke Jumpers tire swing there is no problem. If they attempt to climb the Travers Wall and they need to get off part way across that is not a problem.

Here all people are equal when it comes to exploring. All can look for animal track and leaf prints on the trail. Everybody can go into the Ranger Fire Lookout and see a little about life as a ranger. Everybody can learn a little about nature and be reminded to respect our wilderness and be a friend to all be it plant, fish or tiny mole.

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