Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Disney Love Story

Our Disney Love Story

Today is Valentine’s Day! I can’t help but think of how my husband and I first realized we were in love. I know I’ve shared this story before but I’ll share again because I love how my husband and I fell in love. I love him with all my hart and I love how Disney was part of bringing us together.

Late one August a friend of mine that I’d not talked to in a long time was coming over for dinner. He called me 15 minutes before he was to get to my place asking if he could bring a friend with him. I was shocked because he lived over an hour away from me! I asked him if he was going to be late. He sheepishly replied he was around the corner on a pay phone. What else could I do but say yes to the extra person coming for dinner. When Alan my friend showed up at my door with Scott at his side I knew it was a set up! Scott was an unwilling part of it all. Together Scott and I agreed, “Best Friends Forever, Romantic Never!”

For the next year Scott and I were the best of friends. I helped Scott study for collage and he gave me friendship in return. We enjoyed going to movies, cooking meals (both of us love to cook), movies and playing jokes on our friends. He completed a 2 year collage course in 1 year! He did this with a high grade and then passed his board to become a Respiratory Therapist. This was with him being ADHD and having dyslexia! I could think of no better place to take my best friend to celebrate than Disneyland!

While celebrating and enjoying our day at Disneyland we went to the French Market Café for dinner. The Jazz Band at the restaurant started playing love songs and dedicating them to us! We told them we were friends and never romantic! We laughed and ran away but not before they told us they had the Disney Magic and knew we were in LOVE.

For the next few days we did not think much about what happened except to laugh at what they had said. After a week we started dating! 6 months later we were married! January of this month we celebrated our 32nd anniversary. Disney Magic had touched our lives and changed it forever!

Yesterday I posted how I went to see the Magic, Memories and You show. For Valentine’s Day Disney has added a Sweetheart segment. I believe that in the show we saw on my birthday our pictures were added to the show. Here is a link to that show.

I hope you enjoy Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart. May you have many magical, romantic Disney moments.

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