Monday, February 20, 2012

Disney Sail Away

Disney Sail Away

Ever wondered what happens when a Disney Ship after the safety drill is done and it leaves port? I’ll tell you, it is PARTY TIME!

When the ship pulls out from the dock the pool deck or the deck above at the family pool is the place to be! The pool will be closed and covered to supply a dance floor. There you can dance with your family as you have your first sips of a relaxing adult drink or whatever your choice is. You may get to see yourself on the jumbo screen where they show live feed of the stage area and people dancing and having fun.

You might think, well I’ve traveled a long distance to get to the ship and I don’t want to be in the middle of a loud party! You might think your time could be better spent unpacking. You could have early seating for dinner and want to get ready for your first taste of cruise dining. I suggest you don’t miss the party!

There are several reasons not to miss the party. First the party is FUN!! It is a great way to release your inhabitations and get into the cruise party mode. Second the party is where all the major crew members you will want to know come out and introduce themselves. Third you will hear some information about activities and services available on the ship and where/who to go to get it. Forth reason is this is where you can start to get your children to connect with the cast members that will be caring for them. This may be the most important reason not to miss the party! The sooner your child connects with the crew in the children’s activity area the more comfortable they will be going.

The sail away party is where you can set the tone for your entire cruise. ENJOY it!

If you wish to see a Disney ship pull out of Port Canaveral but don’t live anywhere near there don’t worry, it is as close as your computer! Click the link below and watch the party in progress or at least a few moments of it.

I must tell you I’m hooked on watching the Disney Cruise ships pull in and out of port.

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