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There are too many people sucking up the Disney Magic!

There are too many people sucking up the Disney Magic!

How to deal with the crowds!

Disney parks do get crowded. The busiest seasons are the summer months and the Holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. These are both popular times to go. Summer is busy because many children are out on summer break and families go on vacation. The Holidays are a magical time so many people come to celebrate the holidays at Disney parks. I will focus on Disneyland because that is the park I know the best.

Disneyland is fifty-three magical acres. Disneyland can have as many as ninety-thousand people in the park. When park attendance reaches ninety-thousand they stop allowing people into the park. This happens a few days each year, sometimes in the summer months and usually one or more days during the holidays. When the park reaches capacity the lines can be three-four hours long and Fastpasses can be issued for the entire day by 11 am.

So how do you deal with the crowds?

1.        Be realistic about how many rides and shows you will get to see when you go. Don’t expect to see everything if you choose to go in the busy seasons. Mentally prepare for long lines for everything including the restroom.

2.   Pick the off season to come if you can. January to April and from the end of September to early November are calmer times to go.

3.    Go during the week and if you must go on the weekend consider going on Sunday as Saturday is the busier day.

4.     Decide before going to the park each day what rides or shows are important for you to see that day. Pick one or two rides per family member or a totally of five to six must do things. If it is the fireworks be prepared to sit down early if you wish to get a particular seat, especially if that includes a bench. Take turns holding the spot.

5.    If parades are not your thing go ride the rides during the parades. Pick which land you wish to be in before the parade starts and stay in that area until the parade is over. If the area you are in has a train depot you can use that to leave the area quicker.

6.    Eat meals at off times. Stay away from the restaurants and food carts between 11 am and 1 pm and 4 pm and 6 pm. Eat before or after these times.

7.    Learn all you can about the Fastpass system and use it.

a.        You may have up to two Fastpasses at a time.

b.       If you do not return to the ride during the given time don’t worry. As long as you return to the ride after the start time it is good for the rest of the day.

c.       As soon as the time for your Fastpass return comes round you can get another Fastpass. So if you have a FP for 11 am and a second FP for 1 pm at 11:05 am you can go and get a third pass.  This is a way to get around the two FP only rule.

d.      If there is a big ticket ride that you know you will what to ride more than once go there first. If that ride has a Fastpass use the following strategy. If the line is short line early in the morning when you walk into the park get a Fastpass for the ride for a later time and ride the ride right away without using the Fastpass. Come back after the return time to ride the ride a second time.

e.       Be aware that Fastpasses can be given out for the entire day as early as 11 am.

8.    There are quiet spots, or at least quieter spots around the park. Take advantage of them and take a break if the crowds get too much for you. There are several spots around the Rivers of America that are calm and give a pleasant view to look at. New Orleans has some quiet spots hidden on the side streets.

9.     If you have members of your party that are disabled or have diagnosed medical issues such as ADHD, Panic Attacks, Anger Management issues or OCD go into City Hall or Guest Relations and try to get a Guest Assistance Card that will help you get through the lines a little faster by acting as a Fastpass. PLEASE do not ask for this unless you truly need it as they have and will continue to make it difficult on the people who truly need this if it is abused much more. I know many people who truly need this have and have been denied due to others abuse.

10.                       If you plan on staying late go on the big ticket rides during the fireworks (if you don’t wish to see them) or after the fireworks. Families with young children will most likely leave making lines around the park shorter.

11.      Ride all the rides and see all the shops in New Orleans and Critter Country at least one hour before the first Fantasmic show. Those areas are almost impossible to walk around from one hour before the first Fantasmic and stay crowded until about fifteen minutes after the last Fantasmic show of the day.

12.If there is more than one Fantasmic show stay out of Adventureland between the two. That area gets so full nobody moves during the Firework show that is between the Fantasmic shows.

13.  Take the train around if you wish to leave New Orleans after the crowds tie up the area for Fantasmic.

14.   This is a mindset my husband uses to deal with crowds. He has a major problem with crowds and use to not go to amusement parks because of them. If the person next to you is not touching you they do not exist. Ignore them unless they engage you in friendly conversation and then just focus on them. If you are having problems getting into this mind set because all you see are people find a direction to look that has fewer people. It can help to look at the flowers in the flowerbeds.

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