Saturday, July 2, 2011

Inexpensive or Free Mementos to Bring Home from Disney Parks

Inexpensive or Free Mementos to Bring Home from Disney Parks

Having lots of friends that go to the Disney Parks I’ve heard of different things people like to collect. Many of these items cost little or nothing.

A lot of people keep their park tickets and put them in scrapbooks. You can also add park maps and schedules along with that. I suggest you pick up several. Get one to use to get around, carry one to mark what rides and shows you did and put a couple away to keep clean and safe. I have friends I mail maps and schedules too because of their enjoyment of seeing them. Napkins are also another small thing to bring home and they change every few years, especially during special events such as park anniversaries.

I know lots of people that collect park popcorn containers. They change with the season and often coordinate with new movies or the opening of new rides. Some of the fun of having the popcorn containers is finding things to do with them once you get them home. I use some in the kitchen for holding things such as granola bars and other snack foods. I keep my coffee, sugar and flour in them as well. They make good penny banks to save up for your next Disney trip! Kids love them to keep their small treasures in and they are a great place to keep pens and pencils. I like the popcorn containers for two reasons. They are fun to have at home and while you are at the park you don’t have to rush to eat your popcorn. You can put the lid on while you are on the rides. With the box of popcorn you can’t take it on some of the rides.

Souvenir cups are a nice treat. Some of them you can refill with coffee or hot coco through the day as long as you keep your receipt. As with the popcorn containers you can put the lid on and take it on the rides without a problem. At home they make a great travel mug to take in the car or use whenever you want a cup with a lid.

Some people collect fastpasses for the rides that have them. This can be fun, especially getting them for rides that are new. Part of the problem is you can only get two at a time and to use them you have turn them in. So to keep them you don’t get to use them. We solved this by taking pictures of the very special ones that we want to use but still want to use.

If you stay at the hotel you can take the shampoo and other toiletries home with you. The bottles are usually very cute. They are fun to put on a shelf in your bathroom to make you feel like you are back at the park. You can also take the paper coasters home with you. You can laminate them and use them around the house, once again reminding you of your stay at the park. You can also bring home maps of the hotels and the areas around them. I do not suggest you take any towels or other items belonging to the hotel. The Mouse does not take kindly to people taking things they should not.

I honestly believe the best thing you can take home is pictures. A digital camera is a fantastic investment. If you are going to be at the park for several days or a week I suggest bringing along your laptop so you can download your memory chips. For a responsible child you can purchase an inexpensive digital camera for them to get creative with. Not only will they find fantastic memories to bring home you will be surprised at seeing things through their eyes. You can also get a photopass card and have the professionals take your pictures (don’t forget they will take pictures with your camera if you ask.) I also suggest you look into a photo CD. For one price you can get all the pictures you had taken by all the Photopass photographers. The CD can be ordered online when you get home for $59.95 plus shipping. You can get it at the park but you have the option to wait and get it up to a month after you get home. This can be a great option for large groups that tie all their photopass cards together or for a family that got so many great pictures they can choose the ones they want to have. This is actually a great savings when you consider the cost of a single print at the park. You can print just the pictures you wish in the size you want and make as many copies as you wish.
Whatever you decide to bring home let it remind ou of your fun time at the parks.


  1. Hi Carolyn, I read your post on Walt's basement about the DCL CC membership. Thanks! We are DVC members and did our first cruise June 2010. We will do our 2nd cruise Nov. 2011. I can't wait to check out the Dream! As DVC members we received special gifts, the only thing we received from DCL after the cruise was a colored postcard of the ship! Glad to know about the upcoming surprises!!

    Happy 4th :-) Carrie

  2. I want to join the DVC!! I have friends that are members.

    We have done 2 cuises and LOVED both. When you go in November you should get a nice gift (maybe the same as we did) along with a DVC gift.

    I've got lots of blog posts about the cruise if you go back. Lots of tips and information.

    If you ever come to Calif and go to DLR let me know!

    BTW I'm a reporter for Walt's on all things DLR and I do what I can about DCL as well. I'm also a Board Member on Walt's.

    Happy 4th to you as well!!!


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