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How to beat the heat at the Disneyland Resort

How to beat the heat at the Disneyland Resort

       It does get hot at the Happiest Place on Earth. Summer is the time that a lot of families come to visit Disneyland. It is a wonderful time to come but you must be aware of the heat. It can get well over 100˚ at Disneyland and you must be prepared to take care of yourself. So how to beat the heat?

       First off be aware of how your body is reacting. If you start feeling faint, nauseated or dizzy STOP and take care of yourself! Lather on the sunscreen and grab a hat! You do not want to destroy your fun time by getting sick or ending up in the hospital. Make sure you drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. You can get a cup of ice water at the restaurants for free. Find shade when you can and if needed take a break. Don’t make the drive to ride every ride keep you from taking care of yourself. Be very aware of young children or elderly people with you. They may not be aware they are getting overheated. Make sure everybody takes care of themselves.

       If you are staying at Disneyland Hotel or a Hotel near the park you can take a break during the heat of the day and return to your hotel for an afternoon swim and/or nap. This is a fun and relaxing way to beat the heat.

       Find a ride to get you wet! At Disneyland you can get wet on Splash Mountain (You will get wet. You may get drenched.), Davie Crocket Canoes (You will get splashed) and Pirates of the Caribbean (You get splashed and the ride has a/c!). You can also go over to the Tomorrowland Water Ball and get as wet as you wish there.

       At California Adventure you can get wet on Grizzly Rapids. You will get drenched. Leave your camera and other electronics in a free locker! There are also several water play areas to get wet in. Check out the farm area and Flick’s Fun Fair.

       Plan to take in shows and inside rides that have a/c during the heat of the day. Captain EO, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, Main Street Movie Theater (showing old time Mickey Mouse cartoons), Pirates of the Caribbean, It’s Small World, (POTC and SW are also the longest rides in the park) Innoventions and the Enchanted Tiki Room are good choices for a few minutes of cool down. Any of the “dark rides” in Fantasyland are good choices along with Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters. They give a few minutes relief from the heat at Disneyland. California Adventures has Aladdin the Musical (45 minutes in a beautiful theater with a fantastic stage show and a/c!), Soarin’ Over California, It’s Tough to be a Bug and Muppet 3D all have a/c. Toy Story Mania and Ariel’s Undersea Adventure are a nice few minutes inside.

       Take a lunch break during the heat of the day and sit down in a restaurant with a/c. A good choice that does not cost a lot and offers a wide choice of deli type foods is White Water Café in the Grand Californian Hotel. If cost is not an issue, any of the hotel restaurants is a great choice. Any sit down inside restaurant inside the park is nice as well.

       You can also use my husband’s favorite way to cool off. If you wear a hat soak the hat and keep your head wet and cool. You can step into any bathroom to do this. You can also take a handkerchief or paper towel and place it on your neck. If you are really having a problem stop in at First Aid and ask for an ice pack and rest for a few minutes in the cool and quiet area. They will give you bags of ice to take with you so you can continue to have fun. Just make sure you don’t get too overheated before getting the ice pack.

       Most of all don’t overdo it in the heat. Relax and go slow. Drink plenty and take breaks often. Get help when needed.

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