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Saving Mr. Banks - Review

Saving Mr. Banks - Review

Yesterday I went to see “Saving Mr. Banks”. What an amazing story and a well done movie!! I will not spoil the movie for those that have not seen it.

“Saving Mr. Banks” is the a mix of the stories about how Walt Disney encouraged P. L. Travers to sign over the rights to Mary Poppins so  he could keep his promise to his girls to make the movie and the story of the childhood of Helen Lyndon Goff (P. L. Travers).

As the trailers show Pamela Travers was a feisty woman set and determined not to allow Walt Disney to make a movie about her beloved Mary Poppins. Her reasons to withhold the rights are as complex as the woman herself.

As the story progresses you hear why it was so important to Walt Disney to make this movie. As he said, “As a daddy I made a promise to my girls and a daddy never breaks his promise!” You also see why Mrs. Travers does not want to let go. Both consider the characters “family”. Walt does understand that Mrs. Travers considers Mary Poppins and the Banks family her family and is protective of them. He remembers Oswald being stolen and attempts of some to take Mickey Mouse from him. Both are determined in their goals.

Some think this movie shows Disney as a pushy, aggressive movie producer, determined on getting what he wants without concern about the feelings of those whose intellectual property he wants to use. Others think it is an unfair and unflattering portrayal of P. L. Travers. In truth I think as a dramatization of 50 year old events. Some parts are on totally factual while some are “retellings” that you have to consider are stretched for better storytelling.

After hearing four of the Imagineers that worked with Walt Disney speak at the last D23 Expo about what Walt was like and their feelings about seeing early screenings of “Saving Mr. Banks” I believe it is a great look at Walt the man. It shows what drove him and what it was like to be around him. It was fun to hear one of the characters in the move quickly say, “Man is in the forest!” after hearing Walt’s cough as he neared the open door. From many accounts I’ve heard Walt would cough when approaching an open door to let people know he was coming and when he was known to be in a particular part of the building the warning, “Man is in the forest!” would go around letting people know he was there.

What I found interesting was what I took away from the movie. It was not anything to do with Disney or Travers. What I took away was a look at my own past and how it has shaped my own life and attitude. It makes me rethink my motivations and encourages me to let go of the past and keep moving forward.

If you are a Disney Fan I suggest you go see this movie. If you enjoy Mary Poppins and P. L. Travers I encourage you to check this movie out. I believe you will not be disappointed.

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