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Doing Disney Parks With Hearing Limitations

Doing Disney Parks With Hearing Limitations

I have family members with hearing limitations but so far we have not needed to use these services. One day soon we may need too. Much of this information can be found online (links at the end of the post). I also make phone calls to clarify some things.

At Disney Parks there are several aids for those with various levels of hearing loss.

For those with mild to moderate hearing loss there are Assistive Listening Systems (ALS), which amplify sound through headphones or induction loop. These devices will amplify the sound track at selected attractions and shows. To obtain an ALS stop by Guest Relations at any park and leave a refundable deposit. At this time the deposit at both DLR and WDW is $25. You leave the deposit when you pick it up and get the $25 back when you return it.

For those with moderate to severe hearing loss there are also two forms of Captioning devices available. There are Reflective Captioning devices for shows that are screens placed in front of the user were the captioning is displayed for them to read. There are also Handheld Captioning Devices that are small wireless receivers that display text in locations where fixed captioning systems are impractical, such as moving attractions (rides).

To use the Reflective Captioning device at a show where a fixed captioning system will work just ask a Cast Member to assist you. They will show you where to sit and bring the device to you. There is nothing to check out and no deposit to be made for this device.

To acquire a Handheld Captioning device stop by Guest Relations and ask to use one. There is a $25 refundable deposit that is refunded when you return the device. It is wireless and will give you text of the attraction you are in.

When you sign out an Assisted Listening or Handheld Captioning device at the Disneyland Resort it will work at both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure parks.

When you sign out a device at Walt Disney World they are only good for the park you check them out at. In other words if you get a device at Magic Kingdom and then decide to got to Disney Hollywood Studio you will need to turn in the Magic Kingdom device and get a new one when you get to Disney Hollywood Studio. If you think you might be returning to MK and wish to keep the device to use when you return then go ahead and keep it. Just make sure you turn it in the same day. I asked and was told you can turn them in at any park. So, if you change your mind and don’t return to MK then you can turn it in at DHS.

There is close captioning in some preshow videos for attractions such as Star Tours and Soarin’ over California. When you see a video monitor in a preshow line area just ask a Cast Member for assistance with closed captioning. They can turn it on for you if needed.

There is Sign Language Interpretation available at some shows. You can call ahead for the schedule of days they have Sign Language Interpretation available. It is not available every day of the week. You can call and request special event interpretation with a minimum of 14 days in advance notice. Check the Guide for the Resort you are going to for more information on what days sign language is available and how to make special requests. (See links below.)

Phones around the parks have sound amplification and some pay phones are Text Typewrite (TTY). Just look for the TTY symbol.

Check the Guide for the Resort you are interested in for more information on what is available at the hotels of that Resort.

Guide for Guests with Hearing Disabilities:


Walt Disney World:

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