Monday, December 30, 2013

Disney Thoughts for 2014

Disney Thoughts for 2014

As 2013 quickly comes ends I’m thinking of what I want to happen on my Pixie Pranks and Pixie’s Faith blogs in 2014!

I’m hoping to increase the views and need all of my Pixie Pals to share my blog. By increasing my views and becoming bigger I will have a better chance of strengthening and increasing the connections I have with the Disney Company for early access to things and press passes to events. By doing this I will be able to share even more firsthand news with you. I also need to increase my Twitter and Facebook followers as well, again this will help me get more access.

There are some special things I wish to cover for you in my blog in 2014.
·        I’m hoping to be able to afford to do some of the tours at Disneyland so I can share what the experience is like for those of you wishing to come and take the tours. I will most likely only be able to do 1 this year.
o   Tours I will to pick from
§  A Walk in Walt’s Footsteps
§  Cultivating the Magic
§  Holiday Time at Disneyland
·        I plan on continuing to stay connected with Disney Publishing and review new books related to Disney before they come out and get interviews with authors.
·        I will be purchasing some older books about Disney and reviewing them.
·        I am now volunteering at Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn in Griffith Park and will share what happens there and who shows up. If you are local and follow me on twitter watch my twitter feed on the 3rd Sunday of every month for tweets about what is going on and who is at the Barn. I will respect the privacy of VIP guests that do not wish it to be known they are there and not tweet about them if I know that is their wish.
·        I hope to stay at one of the DLR Hotels for a few days during the year and report on the experience.
·        I plan on staying at a DLR Good Neighbor Hotel(s) once or twice and will report on them.
·        I’ll be doing more DVD release and new Disney movie release reviews. (Hoping to get Disney Home Entertainment to send me advance copies of DVD/Blu-Ray releases so I can review them ahead of time.)
·        I am going to be scheduling an interview with a Disney Animator that worked with Walt Disney and the Disney Studios for a long time. (Name will be announced when interview is scheduled.)
·        I will continue on sharing tips on doing Disney with Disabilities.
·        It is my plan to “interview” the Buena Vista Street Citizens at DCA. I’d love suggestions for questions for Officers Calvin & Clyde Blue, Molly and Millie the Messengers, Donna the Dog Lady and her dog Lady and Phiphi Farouk Francis the Photographer.
·        I’m hoping to do 2-3 question interviews with as many Face Characters in the park as I can.
·        I’m going to be asking about more free tours and special things to do such as riding in the Mark Twain Wheelhouse and the Carthay Circle Theater Tour at the Disneyland Resort. I will do as many of them as I can. I know there are many hidden treasures such as the ones I’ve mentioned and just want to check for more.
·        I will start looking for more Disney Legacy Award winning Cast Members and hope to interview them with a set of 2-3 questions whenever I see them.
·        I am going to ride and review every attraction at the Disneyland Resort at some point during this year. I’ll share the history of the attraction as well.
·        I will share any and all information I find out about Disney Movies, Disney Parks and the Disney Cruise.
·        I will share tips for Disney travel.

It is my desire to have more communication from YOU, my readers! Please let me know what you like and don’t like about my blogs. Let me know what YOU would like to hear about and what questions you want answered. You can communicate with me by responding to posts, email ( or posting on the Pixie Pranks Facebook page.

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