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Carthay circle Theater/Restaurant

Carthay Circle Theater/Restaurant

At the end of Buena Vista Street in Disney California Adventure is the Carthay Circle and the Carthay Circle Restaurant. The building is a miniature of the old Carthay Circle Theater where Walt Disney held the premier of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937.

If you arrive at the park early in the morning and head on down to the Carthay Circle before the doors are open you may be lucky enough to join in on a tour of this iconic building. You need to be there before 10 a.m. to get in. If you are really interested in doing the tour I highly suggest calling the day before and making sure what time it will be held that day. This tour is free!

The tour starts at the lobby where you are introduced to the building and the story behind its importance to local and Disney history. Once the introductions are complete they will take you into the lounge/bar when your tour guide will tell you about building. The attention to detail is amazing. The carpets of the old, now gone theater were recreated as were the lights and style of furniture. Your guide will point out pictures and tell you who is in them and why they are important to the history of Disney.

 Once done in the downstairs lounge area you will go up stairs to the restaurant. You will be shown items of interest as you go up the stairs and enter the hall to the restaurant itself. Once in the restaurant each room will be described. There is the “preshow” main dining area. This is area is open so you can see who is at the tables. Restaurants of the 1930’s often had open areas where you could see who was there as a way to show that they were successful. If this actor or actress is seen there then it must be good!

One special room is the “show room” it is like being “at the movie”. This is a room you can reserve. The minimum check total to rent this room is $750 and the room seats 12. One of the most interesting facts about this room is the base of the table. The base of the table is a limestone reproduction of the wishing well from Snow White! The ceiling has a painting that shows scenes from the movie.

The last room is the Hollywood room. It is the “after show” room that looks like you have come for drinks after a show. (You can eat your meal there.) It is a place to be seen and see people in old time Hollywood. On the walls are pictures of various people receiving Oscars for Disney Movies.

There is much more to learn while on the tour of the Carthay, the tour takes about 25 minutes and you learn about the old Carthay Circle Theater, Los Angeles, Walt Disney, the Disney Studio, the development of Mickey Mouse and the restaurant.

Here is a video of our tour:

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