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Disneyland Guide for Guests with Cognitive Disabilities

Disneyland Guide for Guests with Cognitive Disabilities

Are you thinking about going on a Disneyland vacation but are concerned because one or more of your family/group has a Cognitive Disability (Autism Spectrum, ADHD, TBI, PTSD etc. . .)? Well pack your bags and leave a good portion of the concern behind!!!

On the Disneyland website is a fantastic guide to assist you in preparing. You know with someone with Cognitive Disabilities planning is key to having a safe, happy and enjoyable trip anywhere. It does not matter if it is the market or an amusement park planning and preparing makes it easier. You can print it out and read it at your leisure or download it to a tablet in PDF format to have handy as you go.

Here is a link to the overview of the guide:

The guide walks you through each and every step of a day at the DLR (Disneyland Resort). With descriptions and pictures they tell you about parking, going through security checks (Some people with Cognitive Disabilities don’t like others touching their possessions.), purchasing tickets, entering the park and what services are available once inside the parks.

There is even a breakdown of the attractions at both DL (Disneyland) and DCA (Disney California Adventure) giving check marks on what to expect on each attraction. They let you know if there are things like drops, loud noises and darkness that might be of concern and cause problems for the guest. While this is over all very accurate in my opinion there are a few mistakes.

Mostly the error in the guide is in the noise level of some attractions. For example Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln is only marked for darkness but is not checked for loud noises and flashing lights. There is a part of the show where there is a simulated Civil War battle and you hear the cannon blast and see the flash. I get startled at it almost every time I see the show and I know it is coming! I suggest using the guide as a general overview of what to expect but do not depend on it. Find someone who understands the needs of a guest with Cognitive Disabilities and has been there. Ask questions, find videos of the attractions that you feel there is interest in and check them out. Youtube is full of them!

Some of the other wonderful stuff in the overview and guide is information on where to find quiet spots for breaks, family/companion restroom locations and pictures of important items such as picture of what a Disney Cast Member Name tag looks like. You can show this to your family/group member with disabilities (or even ‘normal’ young kids) and tell them if they get separated, lost or need help of any kind go find someone with a name tag that looks like that and ask for help.

There are many helpful suggestions in the overview and guide such as things to bring and how to prepare your disabled family/group member to have an enjoyable time at the park.

Here is a link to the Guide for Guests with Cognitive Disabilities:

Here is a link to information on the DAS (Disability Access System) information:

Here is a link to my review of the DAS Card usage:

I will also state here I am a Travel Agent with Your Fairytale Vacation and specialize in assisting those with disabilities plan travel to Disney Destinations. I do not charge for my service. You will pay the same through me or booking yourself and I look for all savings I can find for my clients so you may pay less through me.

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