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Christmas at Walt's Barn

Christmas at Walt’s Barn
Walt's Barn was decorated for Christmas!
Let me start off with by saying once again what Walt’s Barn is. Walt Disney had a backyard small scale railroad on his Holmby Hills, Ca estate. He built a small barn as a workshop in a meadow in the backyard to work on his trains. After Lillian Disney’s death the home was sold and Diane Disney Miller asked the new owner if she could dismantle the barn and have it. The new owner said yes and the barn was dismantled and moved it to the Los Angeles Live Steamer Museum in Griffith Park, Ca near Travel Town and the Merry-Go-Round that Walt took Diane and Sharon to ride on years before.

The Christmas Tree in the Barn
December’s Barn day was December 15th. This month was planned to be filled with activities. Santa and Mindy Johnson were scheduled to be there to meet and greet the visitors to the barn. Then with the passing of Diane Disney Miller a condolence book was to be set out for any and all to sign. Nobody at the barn expected what happened!

Santa collected toys for Toys for Tots!
Here is Mindy Johnson singing her book.
From the moment the barn opened it was busy and exciting! Mindy was scheduled to be there from 1-3 to sign copies of her new book, “Tinker Bell: An Evolution” but she was there at 11 when the barn opened! Along with Mindy Alice Davis (Disney Imagineering Legend) came and shortly after Katheryn Beaumont (Voice of both Alice and Wendy) followed. Then came Ginni Mack (Face model of Tinker Bell)! Soon came Disney Animator Floyd Norman and his wife! Floyd just came to get Mindy’s autograph and ended up signing some himself! Floyd had designed a Christmas gift for the volunteers and ended up signing them for the us! Tony Anselmo (Disney Animator and voice of Donald Duck) was there just to visit! It seems they are all friends and when one decided to come they called each other and WOW!!!!

Here we are with Alice Davis and Ginni Mack

Kathryn Beaumont and Tony Anslemo spent time chatting.

Joanna Miller chatted with Alice and Ginni

Animator Floyd Norman

Floyd Norman's gift to the Carolwood Volunteers.
The visitor that touched the hearts of the volunteers and made us proud to be there spending the day trying to remind people of Walt Disney the man and train enthusiast was Joanna Miller, daughter of Diane Disney Miller, granddaughter of Walt Disney.
This was Joanna's reaction to being told how much the Disney family legacy means to people!
It is more than just the parks and movies that touch lives.
Joanna was there to see her granddad’s barn. She was there to see what legacy her mother had saved and shared with the public so generously. Joanna did not want people to know she was there so the volunteers never mentioned to other guests she was there and gave her space to look around and interact on her terms. Joanna in turn appreciated that and returned the kindness with gracious thanks and photos with us. Joanna was touched as she understood on a deeper level the impact her grandfather, mother and other family members have had on people’s lives.
The Carolwood Barn Volunteers with Joanna Miller,
This assemblage of Disney Luminaries does not often happen at the Carolwood Barn. There are often several around but not this number at one time. We could tell each of them enjoyed their time at the barn as their presence was enjoyed by all the guests and volunteers. Unlike other Disney events the luminaries (except Joanna who is still grieving losing her mother and rightfully deserved and requested the space) were more than happy to sign autographs when asked. No charge, no problems! Each and every one was gracious and appreciative of the fans who are interested in them. Every one of them was happy to answer a question or two.

George Bruns 2001 Disney Legend Award is on display at Walt's Barn.

If you are ever in the Southern California area on the 3rd Sunday of the month and have the day free I suggest stopping in at Walt’s Barn. The barn is open from 11 am – 3 pm. There is no charge but donations are gratefully accepted. This is the only free Disney display around!

The approximate physical address is
5202 Zoo Drive
Los Angeles, Ca 90027

You can find out more information about the Carolwood Barn at their website:

You can find them on Facebook at:

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