Friday, May 10, 2013

What Type of Disney Tourist Are You?

What Type of Disney Tourist Are You?

            In my opinion there are six different types of Disney tourist. There is the Ride Runner, Showstopper, Character Greeter, Shop Hopper, Pin Trader and the People Watcher.
            The Ride Runner runs from ride to ride and is not happy when stopped for any other reason. They skip parades, shows, shops and dislike the fact they have to stop for something to eat. They often count the number of rides they got on and if they do not reach a set number they feel cheated. They want to ride every ride they can.
            The Showstopper will look online days before going to the park for the show schedules during their trip. They will grab an entertainment schedule walking in the park gates to double check their information. They plan their rides and meals around show schedules. They want to see every show available. Often they will park themselves and wait for hours sitting on a bench or the ground for a show to get just the spot they want.
            The Character Greeter. Character Greeters will keep an eagle eye out for characters around the park. They will often look online to see where their favorite characters can be found in the parks before they go. You can tell the Character Greeter by the autographed books and Pen’s they proudly carry as a walk around the Park. They filled the character meet and greet areas and character meals.
            The Shop Hopper. The Shop Hopper will stop to shop spending the day looking at the various Disney curios available. They have their favorite shops and will not leave the Park without a stop in their favorite store. They are the best people to ask when you are looking for a certain type of Disney curio. They will often know which stored in which area to find what you’re looking for.
            The Pin Trader. The Pin Trader is an eagle eyed Park tourist. They can spot a fellow guests or cast member with a pin trading lanyard at 100 yards maybe 200! They will know all spots to buy and trade pins. They see a cast member with a lanyard in the shop, down the street or at a ride they will pause to take a look and possibly trade a pin or two.
            The People Watcher. That People Watcher is just that, a people watcher! They love to just pick a spot and watch people go by. These are usually friendly folk that will start up a conversation if you pause near them. I love people watching so I’m a people watcher. I guess I picked this up from my grandma.
            In truth I’m a unique blend of all. Each the sixth tour style depends on the day and who I’m with. I must say I actually am a combination of the Showstopper and People Watcher. I love the rides but will often skip the rides to wait for a good spot to see a show. While I’m waiting for the show I will often pass the time people watching and making new friends.
            So what type of Disney Tourist are you?

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