Monday, May 27, 2013

The Disney Difference

The Disney Difference

           Over the weekend I enjoyed watching the Disney ships sail out on the Port Canaveral WebCam. (I’ve placed link to the WebCam and current schedule at the bottom if you wish to have it.) This is something I do every day I know there’s a Disney Cruise Ship at Port Canaveral.
            The majority of the time they leave on time or up to 15 minutes early. Sometimes the ships are up to 30 minutes late meeting port. A few times it’s been longer. The longer times have been due to accidents or illness on the ship. Ever since March, when there was an accident on the ship making it late leaving people start wondering why. This past weekend one of my Facebook friends told me why the ship is sometimes delayed.
            The Captain of the ship can at his discretion delay leaving port for any number of reasons. This past weekend a group of six passengers had a delay in their plane. They were pleasantly surprised that a Disney bus was waiting to take them to the port and the ship was being held until they arrived. The Captain had been informed of the groups predicament and chose to delay leaving port until they boarded. When these people stated how surprised they were that the ship was being held the bus driver smiled and said, “Thank the Captain when you see him.”
            Even though the ships are on a tight schedule but 20 to 30 minutes will not overly delay them getting to their next port of call nor will it massively inconvenience the other guests on the ship. But delaying departure for that time can make the difference in a vacation of a lifetime. Disney knows that each Disney Vacation is a Magical Experience. For some it is a trip of a lifetime never to be repeated and to miss it due to a delay in transportation would be devastating.
Port Canaveral WebCam Information:
Departure time for all days is 5 PM EST
Thursday – Dream
Saturday – Fantasy

Sunday - Dream

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