Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Security at Disney Parks

Security At Disney Parks

You may think security is over strict at Disney Parks. I feel safe at Disney Parks and trust security to respond as needed. That said let me tell you what happened Tuesday, May 5th at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World.
Disneyland had a small explosion in Toontown. Someone put dry ice in a plastic bottle and set it in a trash can. No injury or damage in the incident but Toontown was evacuated in an abundance of caution for several hours.
At WDW’s Animal Kingdom a grandmother found a loaded gun on the seat of the Dino ride. She turned the loaded weapon in immediately. It seems the owner of the gun had been carrying it in his back pocket and it fell out on the bumpy ride. The owner of the gun stated he thought bag checks were for explosives and did not know guns were not allowed in the parks.
With those two incidents Disney will most likely take a closer look at security and make some changes. While some may complain about bag checks I honestly do not mind them as they are now. Disney is relaxed on what you can bring in. Other parks do not allow bottled/canned drinks or food in. Disney has allowed food and drink so far. You could bring a thermos of something to eat or drink but that might change because of the dry ice bomb. They could even say no bottled drinks from outside are allowed eliminating the possibility of someone trying to pass off dry ice in a bottle as a frozen drink. I hope this does not happen as I take my drinks into the park with me to save money.
Bag checks may become more aggressive and invasive. They may start looking for lumps in pockets and folds of clothing possibly doing pat downs. I hope not.
I have been told that at Disneyland Paris you have to go through metal detectors to go into the parks. We may end up with that happening here. I know at some other amusement parks local to me already have them. Those parks also have problems with gangs fighting in the parks.
Once again the actions of a few are affecting the freedoms and fun of the general public.
So how can we the guests help?
1.      Know and follow the rules. Make your children follow the rules.
2.      Do NOT bring in prohibited items such as weapons, explosives and drugs.
3.      Listen when a Cast Member gives directions for your safety. Follow the directions, especially those of Security.
4.      Do not leave items unattended.
(Security Personnel are pulled away from other tasks to check it leaving gaps in security.)
5.      Place trash IN trashcans and do not toss it on the ground.
(Is that a bottle of frozen water or a dry ice bomb that was just left on the ground? Just like #3 Security may need to check.)
6.      Be aware of what is going on around you.
7.      Report suspicious people and items immediately.
8.      Turn in any dangerous item found to the nearest Cast Member.
(Best option is to not touch it but stand guard over it until a Cast Member can come.)

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