Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Improvised Explosive Made of Dry Ice Explodes in Toontown

Improvised Explosive Made of Dry Ice Explodes in Toontown

               An improvised Explosive Device made with Dry Ice exploded in or on a trashcan in Toontown. This caused the evacuation of Toontown. Thankfully there were no injuries and it appears that the damage was confined to a trashcan.
While this just happened and information is still forthcoming I had a thought about what might have happened. Right now is Grad Night Season. While the date of the incident is not a Grad Night it is the day before. Some schools come a long distance will actually have multi-day passes for their students.
This year there have been more issues with the Graduates. It seems that almost every Grad Night/Day several rides have to be closed due to damage caused by the Graduates. They are tagging the rides. I know that Haunted Mansion, Monsters Inc., Toy Story Mania, and Muppets 3D were affected all in one day.
The last couple of years Disney has given the kids more time at Disneyland for Grad Night. Instead of just coming in at the closing and staying until the morning they come in all day and then can stay and play after the park closes until 3 AM. In my opinion this added time has just given them more time to get into trouble. They do not appreciate the extra time are getting. I think it is sad that a few bad kids mess it up for everybody. I think Disney may have to stop Grad Nights. Either schools will be banned for their students behavior or the whole thing ended.
I remember my Grad Night at Disneyland. It has been a rite of passage for DLR locals for generations. We got there late after the park closed, we had to dress up for the event. Boys had to wear slacks and a dress shirt and girls had to wear dresses or pantsuits. No jeans and T-shirts allowed! It was fun, it was magical, it was exhausting and it was a reward that I treasured for my hard work at school.
Today’s kids can dress as they want, they spend all day in the parks mixing with the regular guests and then stay late into the night. I do not believe the supervision is adequate and I believe they need to either go back to the old way of doing it with more supervision or cancel the entire event.

While some people may consider this behavior nothing more than a childish prank I think it is a dangerous act of terrorism. It could have caused more damage and seriously injured someone. Just think of the little children and families in the area. How do you think they felt when their day of fun was interrupted so rudely by the explosion? What about the fear it caused? Someone could have been hurt in the panic caused by this “joke”.

*****UPDATE 5/29/13*****

A Disneyland Cast Member was arrested for the dry ice bomb.

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