Sunday, May 19, 2013

Disney Does Not Listen?

Disney Does Not Listen?

The last few weeks a lot of Disney Fans banded together and complained about changes Disney had made in the costume for Merida at the Disney Parks. In case you missed what had happened let me explain.
Disney had decided that for her coronation as a Disney Princess Merida needed a makeover. They gave her a smaller waistline, more controlled hair, more makeup and a fancier dress. In doing so they made her less of a tomboy attempting to define her own fate and more of a femme fatale. Many people complained saying that they had made her more sexy and in fact too sexy. I do not think that the makeover went too far in making her look too “sexy”. I just think the makeover was not in keeping with the character of the movie.
Merida of the movie did not care about fancy dresses or being all made up. She was not rejecting the idea of finding a prince she just wanted to find one her way, in her time. The “new” Merida of Disney parks appeared to be concerned with her looks and to be looking for her prince.
With all the negative feedback Disney received with the makeover that change was blessedly short lived. Disney announced in the last week that the makeover was for Merida’s coronation as a Disney Princess and as such only “Limited Time Magic”.
I do not believe that the makeover was intended to be “Limited Time Magic”. I honestly believe that Disney listened to the guests concerns and displeasure and changed their plans. People felt that Merida of the movie, Brave is a great role model for their children. She does not want to be pushed into doing things she is not ready for. She is not waiting for a prince to save her. The made over Merida is more in keeping with the typical Disney Princess, like Snow White who is singing, “Someday my Prince will come”.
The point of this is Disney DID listen to the guests/fans! For the naysayers who say, “It doesn’t do a thing to complain to Disney.” I say, “Yes it does!” This is proof that Disney does listen to guests concerns/complaints. If you see something you feel is wrong at Disney tell them. If enough people speak out they do listen. Their goal is a happy guest. They can’t know the guests are unhappy if we the guests do not say something.

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