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Disney Cruise Line Wave Phones

Disney Cruise Line Wave Phones

            Every Disney cabin comes with three phones. One phone sits on your nightstand table and is hardwired into your room. This acts like a phone in any standard hotel room. These phones are placed on your nightstand table. There are two other phones sitting on the desk when you arrive.
            The two phones on the desk are called Wave Phones. There is usually one charger for both phones. These phones act like a cell phone while on the ship. The Wave Phones are approximately the size of a standard cell phone but a little thicker. These phones can be used to call other members in your group, call the kids club to check on the kids, the kids call you from the kids club or you call any cabin or phone extension on the ship. These phones can be a little confusing and difficult to work at first. Don’t be afraid to stop in at Guest Services for help or talk to your Room Steward.

            To call a standard room phone you put a number in front of the cabin number. The Wave Phones also use the cabin number as the base for their number. Each of the two Wave Phones has a different number in front or back of the cabin number. So you can call from Wave Phone to Wave Phone. This is an extremely convenient way to keep in touch while on the ship and can save costly cell phone charges.
            If you have more than two people in your cabin that need a Wave Phone you can request one for a nominal charge per phone. So now your older kids can go explore the ship and still be able to reach you (and you them) if needed. This can really help in making you feel safer giving your older child a little extra freedom.
            Be aware that you are responsible for returning the Wave Phones in good working condition. If they are damaged by misuse or lost you will be charged for them. This must be taken into consideration when giving one to or requesting an extra one for a child.
            One complaint I had about the Wave Phones was the fact we were only given one charger for two phones. We usually have one phone with a dead battery. Not to worry you can always stop by the Guess Services Desk and get the battery or phone replaced. I am not sure if you order extra phones if you get an extra charger for it. It would make sense that you should but there are very few electrical outlets in the cabins.
            These phones do work well in the majority of the public areas of the ship. They also work in the areas near the ship while in port. Having not use them on Castaway Cay (Disney did not have them when we went there.) I cannot confirm how they work there. Reports say that the Wave Phones work on Castaway Cay.
            I suggest packing a few Ziploc baggies for your cruise. These can be used to protect your Wave Phone while poolside or on the beach.
            Before the Wave Phones parents were given pagers so their children or kids clubs staff could page them if there was a problem. I believe the Wave Phones are great improvement on this. It is a fantastic way for parents to keep in touch with their children and give them a little freedom. It is also good for adults who are going without their children. No longer do you have to prearrange a meeting place and wait for someone to meet you. You have the freedom to say, “Give me a call and we’ll meet up.”

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