Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Must Know Information on Doing DLR with disabilities

The Must Know Information on Doing DLR with Disabilities
I do not have a disability but have gone many with family and friends with a wide range of DisAbilities and have done lots of research to help them enjoy the parks.
At Disneyland many rides have lines that are not accessible to wheelchairs and therefore have alternative entrances. Most of these lines are much shorter than the standard lines. One major exception to that rule is Pirates of the Caribbean. Often the regular line is shorter than the wheelchair line for PotC.
At DCA all the lines are wheelchair accessible so there are fewer lines with “special access”. At DCA the rides with special wheelchair accessible vehicles or special loading areas for guests in wheelchairs (Toy Story Mania, Little Mermaid, Radiator Springs Racers) have special lines or a division in the line where you go to a special access line. If they do not have an designated line and you have a GAC just ask a Cast Member where to go.
At DLR if you cannot be in a long line for any reason (physical limitations or disabilities such as Autism & ADHD) you can get a GAC (Guest Assistance Card) that lets you use all the FastPass lines at both parks without getting a FP. The way it works is you go Guest Relations in either park for the GAC. When asking for the GAC make sure you let the Cast Member know you can’t be in long lines. Go to the Handicapped entrance of any ride or up to the first Cast Member you see at that ride and ask where to enter. This also acts as a VIP pass for shows such as Aladdin.
One ride that is different is Radiator Sprints Racers. Due to the fact the ride is new and very popular you need to get a FP even if you have a GAC. FPs for this ride are gone within the first hour of the park being open. Don’t worry! With your GAC you can get a FP at any time. There is usually a podium with a Cast Member at it near the statue of Stanley in Cars Land. If you don’t see them just ask any Cast Member where to go. You show them your GAC and they give you a time to return to enter the FP line. You will usually have to wait the length of time for the standard line. If the standard entrance line is 90 minutes you will be asked to return to the FP line in 90 minutes. When you return to ride just show both your FP and GAC to the Cast Member.
Radiator Springs Racers requires you to transfer from the wheelchair to the vehicle. You are not rushed in loading so take your time and make it easy on yourself. If you are taking a child from a chair to this ride I suggest two adults to load the child. One steps down into the car and the second hands the child to them. (If you want a picture of the loading area I’ll be glad to provide it.) This would also work with helping an adult transfer.

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