Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Dapper Dans, the Original Boy Band!

Limited Time Magic
The Dapper Dans, the Original Boy Band!


          2013 is the year of Limited Time Magic at Disney Parks. So far at the Disneyland Resort there has been many fun events so far including the Golden Horseshoe Revival.

          This last week has had what I consider one of the more intriguing limited time magic offers. The Dapper Dans, the original “Boy Band” have been singing Boy Band Melodies. They are singing everything from Boyz II Men to nysc.

          Sadly I was unable to go watch them myself but I have been able to enjoy videos of some of the performances that were taken by Mr. Robert DAPs of

          I find the sets interesting and quite amusing. It is fun to see the Boy Band music put into the four-part harmony a cappella style of the Dapper Dans. While I find it quite amusing and enjoyable I also find it slightly unsettling as it does not totally fit with the 1920s to 30s style of the Dapper Dans. While I find this fun for a limited time I hope that they do not keep this permanently and ruin the classic style of the Dapper Dans.

          Here are some of the videos that Mr. DAPs took of the ever classic and classy Dapper Dans. These videos are shared with the gracious permission of Mr. Robert DAPs and with my gratitude for his kind permission. Thank you Mr. DAPs!



          I highly recommend if you enjoy beautiful pictures of Disney parks and information about what is going on. By the way, DAP stands for Disney Annual Pass. The idea of the site is to share the enjoyment of having a Disney Parks Annual Pass.

          I hope you enjoyed the music the Dapper Dans.

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