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My Disney Cruise Obsession

My Disney Cruise Obsession

            Several months ago I stumbled upon a fun Facebook page. This crazy Facebook page actually had a list of all the cruise ships pulling out of Port Canaveral! Of course listed among the ships are ships of the Disney Cruise Line.
            Along with the list of the cruise ship sail awat times was a link. This link was to the Port Canaveral WebCam website! When I saw that Disney Dream listed as sailing away one day I decided to sit down and click that link. Much to my surprise and pleasure I was taken to their very good WebCam live feed was able to watch the Dream sail out of port. It was lots of fun watching the ship and seeing the happy travelers waiting ship sailed out of port.
            When I first started watching the Port Canaveral WebCam it had no audio. I longed to hear the fog horns of the Disney Cruise ships play. At first I did not watch the WebCam very often because it was no audio. Then audio was added to the feed! Not only can you watch the ships you can hear the mighty horns blow!
            Now I try my best to watch the Disney Cruise Ships pull out of Port Canaveral every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. The Dream sails out of Port Canaveral every Thursday and Sunday at 5 PM EST. The Fantasy pulls out of Port Canaveral every Saturday at 5 PM EST. You should always turn the WebCam on early as sometimes they to pull out as much as 20 minutes early.
            Sadly, these great ships do not blow their mighty horns every time they sail past the WebCam. When they do it is a special treat! Listening to the Disney Cruise Ships fog horns play any of their selections of songs is mesmerizing. It is fun to go in early and watch one of the Carnival Ships pull out just before the Disney Ship. It is humorous to hear the difference between the two ships fog horns.
            In general the bigger the ship the deeper and louder the foghorn. Most of the other ships sailing out of Port Canaveral are bigger than the Disney Ships. When the standard foghorn sounds off it sounds like a great flatulent beast. When the Disney Ships sail out and blow their foghorn a place in memorable music that we all know and love.
            The Port Canaveral WebCam is housed at the Fishlips Waterfront Bar and Grill. While you are waiting for the ships to sail you can listen to the music and the customers chatting in Fishlips. As the ship passes Fishlips you can hear the Sail Away Party on the deck of the Disney Ship. That is how close Fishlips is to the water.
Watch for Fishlips Waterfront Bar & Grill
when sailing out of Port Canaveral! Wave at them!
            Another fun thing about this particular WebCam is that it is not a static WebCam. It actually follows the ships as they sail in and out of the port. They will even focus in on people waving at the camera and holding signs. There even more apt to do this if you contact them and let them know you will be sailing out of port that day. They will also focus in on other interesting things in the port such as wildlife and any interesting boats happening to sail by. One evening they were chasing lightning over the ocean! What a beautiful sight it was.
            So no matter what cruise line you are sailing on out of Port Canaveral you can tell your friends to go to the Port Canaveral WebCam and watch you sail away. All you need to do is stand on the port side of the ship and wave at Fishlips as you sail by. You can even purchase a downloadable copy of the video of your sail away from Fishlips.
            You can check the links on the Port Canaveral WebCam website for links to other ports WebCams. They have New York Harbor and Key West Florida as well just to name two. I will say that the Port Canaveral WebCam is the best of them because it follows the ships and has audio unlike most of the others.
            So I must say thank you to the Port Canaveral WebCam and to Fishlips Waterfront Bar and Grill for providing me with such fun entertainment for a few minutes three times a week.
Here are links to the Port Canaveral WebCam Facebook page and website:
Port Canaveral WebCam:

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