Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Disneyland’s Voices of Liberty

Disneyland’s Voices of Liberty

Picture from Disneyland Today Facebook page
            Last year Disneyland finally got their own Voices of Liberty! At the time it was listed as a short term entertainment offering. Much to my excitement and joy the Voices of Liberty’s stay at Disneyland was extended!
            The Disneyland Voices of Liberty preform in the Main Street Opera House. They performed before performances of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. They are a perfect addition to the show and bring many guests and to see great moments with Mr. Lincoln.
            Rumors abound around Disneyland that the Voices of Liberty will be leaving early April. It is also said they are doing this as a budget-cutting measure. Personally I think this is a bad choice. The reason given for the need to reduce entertainment offered in the park is the addition of the Princess Fantasy Fair. As nice as I think the Princess Fantasy Fair is going to be I think it is wrong to cut the Voices of Liberty which is wonderful and touching entertainment that also educates.
            Prior to the Voices of Liberty coming into the Main Street Opera House there were very few people coming to see Mr. Lincoln. The singers bring new life to this fantastic show. People are now coming in to see the Voices of Liberty and staying for Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. It is renewing pride in America and in introducing visitors from other countries and the next generation to beautiful patriotic music from the past and a good history lesson couched in entertainment or is Walt would say edutainment through Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.
            Taking Voices of Liberty away will probably lead to a decrease in guests stopping in to see Mr. Lincoln. I would hate to see this happen as it is a fantastic history lesson and a part of Disney history.
            If you have stopped and watched the Voices of Liberty at Disneyland and would like to see them stay in the Main Street Opera House let Disneyland know! Send them a message at the following link:


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