Tuesday, March 26, 2013

DL's Princess Fantasy Fair Beauty and the Beast

Disneyland’s Princess Fantasy Fair
Beauty & the Beast Show

          With the opening of Disneyland’s Princess Fantasy Fair two new shows have come to the park. In the mornings Princess Rapunzel comes out several times and tells her story and in the afternoons Belle comes out and helps to tell her story.
          I have not seen the Rapunzel/Tangled show as of yet, but hope to in the next few weeks. If it is anything like the Beauty and the Beast show we saw yesterday I know I will enjoy it.
          The Beauty and the Beast show is done in the style of an old vaudevillian song and dance performance. You have Mr. Smith then Mr. Jones come out to tell the story. They both take turns being the straightman to the other one’s buffoon. It is quite a comical act filled with music and laughter. Only Belle is a truly straight character and can be taken anywhere near seriously.
Audience participation is very much part of the show. In a lot of ways this show is a Melodrama and you are encouraged to cheer on the heroes and heroines and boo the villains. But because the show takes place in ancient France you are encouraged to say huzzah and fi.
This is a totally corny show but as Walt Disney said, “I like corn!”
Here is video of the performance. This is a complete show.

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