Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Shameless Plug

A Shameless Plug

Yes I’m being shameless here. But this is not just for me it is for all your favorite bloggers out there. I’m going to share how you can help your favorite blogger and it not cost you a penny. It will only take a few seconds of your time.

Blogging is a labor of love. Bloggers are sharing what we find interesting and what we bloggers hope will help our readers, at least that is what I do and what I know many of my blogging friends do. We give our time, energy and talent to the effort. This is especially true of Disney bloggers.

The actually cost to blog is not high. There are many free blog sites (like the one I use) and there are some you pay for. So you can go free to reduce your cost. Still you need a computer and internet connection and both of those do cost to purchase and maintain. If the site is like mine the blogger will also want to purchase, upgrade and maintain cameras so they can share what they see.

For Disney bloggers that want to share what happens in Disney Parks there is the added expense of Annual Passes to the Park of our choice or trips to those parks if we do not live near enough to make an AP practical. Doing research and writing takes time and effort. So bloggers often cut into family time to write. I know I get my family and friends into the fun of doing research and coming up with blog ideas.

So how can you the reader help? Number one SHARE your favorite blogs! (You can find a list of my favorite blogs in the sidebar of my blog.) Tell your friends who might be interested about your favorite blogs.
Number too, when you see ads on your favorite blogs click on them! You don’t have to read what comes up when you click, you can close it right away. You never know you may find something interesting! When ads are on the blog the blogger gets paid a fraction of a cent for each click. I know my blogs ads are all G Rated and often Disney related.

Thank you for reading my blog and supporting it by sharing with your friends and family, I know many of you have. If you want to support my blog even more click the ads. Also give me feedback on what you like! Reply here on my blog or like my blogs Facebook page and keep updated on what is being posted and tell me what is good and bad! Tell me what you want to hear about Disney.

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