Saturday, March 23, 2013

Disney Pictures

Disney Pictures

            I’m more than a little bit of a shutter bug. I been known to shoot as many as 200 pictures in 90 minutes while in a Disney park. I will sometimes shoot pictures of family and friends but more often than not I’m looking for something different. I’m often looking for pictures to share here on my blog to go along with a post I’m planning on writing. Sometimes I just take pictures randomly hoping they will spur thoughts for blog posts.

            What I often shoot pictures of is signage for rides and various other things. I love taking pictures of the “fake” ads around the parks. I also find it fun to take pictures of normal things that people often overlook, such as benches. You’ll find that the benches at Disney parks change from area to area so they fit into the theme. There is no standard “Disney” bench.

I have even more fun adding Disney characters to my pictures once I get home. I will sometimes put Mickey and Minnie sitting on the benches or maybe Tinker Bell flitting around a flower or sign. It’s always fun to see how I can make the characters fit into a shot I took.

When I do take pictures of people I know, I often try to think of how I can add a character in the picture with my friend or family. I might ask my friend to look at her shoulder. Knowing how much she enjoys Tinker Bell I might put Tinker Bell on her shoulder and make it look like she’s looking at her.

I will even take pictures outside of Disney and put Disney characters in them as I did with this shot I took for St. Patrick’s Day.

There are certain things at Disney parks that I never get tired of taking pictures of. The flower Mickey at the entry of Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom is always fun to take pictures of because it is constantly changing. They replant Mickey 7-9 times a year! They change the color of Mickey and the added special things around Mickey’s head to fit the seasons. In fact all the flower beds of the Parks are replanted often with different types of flowers to fit the seasons.

With the new addition of Facebook Cover Photos is a good thing to take some wide angle shots. You want a picture of the castle for your Facebook Cover Photo? Shoot a wide-angle so you can crop it to fit. If you don’t you will wind up with a close-up shot of maybe one of the windows of the castle or a spire. If you want more of the castle step back and go wide.

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