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Planning any Disney Cruise – How Early is to Early

Planning a Disney Cruise

How Early is to Early


          Planning and looking forward to Disney Cruises is always fun. But how soon is too soon to start planning a Disney Cruise? In my opinion the sooner you start planning Disney Cruise the better!

          Disney Cruises are slightly more extensive than cruises on other cruise lines. I believe the extra price is more than worth it for the quality of service and extras you receive. So the extra time is good to have for financial reasons. But, there are other reasons to book early than that.

          With other cruise lines if you wait to book until a few weeks or months before the date you wish to cruise you can often get a lower price. With Disney that does not happen. The reason for that is simply demand. Other cruise lines often have many cabins left unfilled near or at sailing. Disney runs an average of 110% to 120% full. 100% full means 2 guests in each cabin. Everything above 100% is more than two people in a cabin. Other cruise lines discount their unfilled cabins to try to fill them. Disney does not have to. Disney has few if any on booked cabins.

          If you watch the Disney cruise line website you will notice that the closer the sale date comes the higher the price for the same cabin. It is best to book early at the lower price. You will also get a better chance of getting a cabin in the area the ship you wish if you are picky.

          Here are some of the other reasons to book early. It gives you time to become part of a Fish Extender group and making your Fish Extender and goodies. Gives you time to plan how you going to decorate your cabin door, just remember no tape, magnets only.

          Booking early also gives you a chance to research the different ports you’re going to and the Port Adventures available at those ports. Booking early allows you to be ready when the date comes that you can finally book your Port Adventure. You know what you’re going to do and are ready to book it. Your desired Port Adventure may be booked if you wait until you get on the ship. Some of the more popular Port Adventures will fill up almost as soon as they become available. If you have never sailed with Disney before you can start booking your Port Adventures 75 days prior to your sail date. Even at 75 days prior you may have problems getting the Port Adventure you wish.

          If you have sailed with Disney Cruise Line before you are automatically a member of their Castaway Club. Castaway Club Membership lets you book Port Adventures early, how early is dependent on the number of cruises you’ve taken in the past. One – five cruises you are Silver level and can book Port Adventures 90 days prior to sail date. Six – 10 cruises you are Gold level and can book 105 days in advance. Over 10 cruises you are Platinum level and can book as early as 120 days prior to your cruise. Also the higher level you are in the club the earlier you can book your cruise. Castaway Club members get first chance of booking cruises and Port Adventures.

I know that for us the time flies waiting for the cruise to come. Whether we are working on Fish Extender, Fish Extender goodies, door decor or window clings the more time we have the better for planning.

I also find that planning an amazing getaway such as a Disney Cruise is a great way to deal with stress and build hope during dark times. As of today I have 348 days until our cruise. I’ve already started working on Fish Extender goodies and getting special close for the trip. I’ve even set aside a suitcase to keep this stuff in. In my opinion as soon as they sail date you wish to go becomes available book it! You don’t have to pay for it fully until 75 days before the cruise. Just be aware even if you are a Castaway Club Member you can book Port or Shipboard Adventures until your cruise is fully paid for.

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