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4 Night, 5 Night or 7 Night or Longer: How Long a Cruise?

4 Night, 5 Night or 7 Night or Longer:
How Long a Cruise Do You Take?

            No matter how long a Disney cruise you take I believe you will find it is never long enough. There are just not enough days or hours in a day to explore the ship and all fun it has two offer.
            So what is the difference between a 7 Night and a shorter cruise? On the shorter cruises they offer fewer extra things to do, especially on Sea Days.
            The lounges and the family focused fun they offer is available during the day on all Disney cruises. On a 7 night and longer cruises they will have guest speakers that will take the time to educate and entertain at least twice. There are always question and answer times with meet and greet after the lectures. We had the opportunity to meet Imagineer, Mike West and granddaughter of Disney legend Ub Iwerks, Leslie Iwerks. These were memorable experiences.
            The 7 night cruises also have something called the Art of Disney Entertainment. These include cooking demonstrations by featured guest chefs that include people such as Chef Marcel of Disneyland’s Club 33. They usually give 3 cooking demonstrations where they show you how to cook a different dish each time, give you the recipe and a sample of the delicious goodie with a glass of wine chosen to complement it. They also give you instructions on how to choose wines for the different types of foods demonstrated. The Art of Disney Entertainment also includes such fun things as towelgami, the art of towel folding to create fanciful creatures. Towel Folding is also offered on the shorter cruises but not as often. They sometimes also have classes on making ice sculptures, fruit art, and mixed drinks.
            The shorter cruises do not have all of the Art of Disney Entertainment events. The Dream does offer Everybody Can Cook demonstrations for kid, adults and families. There are still many other things to do such as trivia games both Disney focused and not and other family oriented challenges.
            This is not to say there are not things to do on the shorter cruises for adults. The lounges are still adult only after 9 PM. The Quiet Cove Pool is always adult only. Sometimes there is live music at the Quiet Cove Pool, check your Personal Navigator for schedule times. There are also single cruiser mixtures were single adults can mingle.
            Late-night, after 10:30 PM is some of my favorite times to enjoy the lounges on the Disney ships. Check the various lounges for daily events, you can find the schedule in your Personal Navigator. You will find different styles of music in the different lounges, one is sure to have a style you enjoy. We enjoyed listening to Fingers Fred play the piano in the Cadillac lounge on the Disney wonder. Each night he would pick a different style of music to play. Some of the lounges will have an adult cabaret or show while others will have DJ or life band and dancing.
            I will be honest and say I would rather go on a 7 Night cruise than a shorter one. I enjoyed the Art of Disney Entertainment and Disney Behind the Scenes events and miss them on the shorter cruises. The choice is yours as to whether you do a 4 Night are 7 Night or longer.
            If you want to see what entertainment is offered on the different Disney ships I suggest you check out the following link:
            Will be able to look at the navigators for each day the various length cruises. You can also check out some of the past holiday offerings. This will give you an idea what type of events are scheduled on the different length cruises and extra special events that are planned on holiday cruises. This will better help you choose the proper cruise for you and your family.

            All of the cruises offer tours of the ship that I highly recommend. These tours discuss the creative process behind the design of each ship. All ships have beverage tasting sessions for a nominal fee. All the ships out fPirates Night with fireworks, live shows most nights, movies throughout the day on the FunnelVision screen at the family pool and movies (first run Disney animation and live action) in the Buena Vista Theater.

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  1. My first Disney cruise was a 10 night, so it spoiled me. I've done 2 7 nights since then, and wouldn't even think of doing shorter.


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