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Disney Cruise Website & Booking

Disney Cruise Website & Booking

It does not matter if you book your cruise yourself or with a travel agent you need to sign into the Disney Cruise Line website!
            If you have booked a cruise yourself with Disney you can go onto the website and make payments and make changes to your booking (change date, cabins, add air and/or ground transportation). It does not matter if you put yourself or with a T A, when it comes time book Port and Shipboard Adventures you can do that all online. I highly suggest you book those Adventures as early as you can! You can also shorten your time at the terminal when boarding by filling out all your paperwork ahead of time online in the comfort of your own home.
There’s a wonderful area that tells you a lot of useful information including the date you can start booking your Port and Shipboard Adventures and do your on line check.
            Once you sign in you can go and take a look at your reservation options. Just go to the Planning Center and My Reservations. Once there you will see a list of options. The options are, Your Reservation Summary (Gives you the days until your cruise), My Cruise Activities (tells you the earliest date you can book and keeps track of what you have booked early), My Online Check-In (case you the earliest date you can do your online check-in), Fun on Board (tells you about the amenities on the ship you’ll be on), Character Calls, Packing Lists, Air and Ground Transportation, Passport and Travel Documentation, Stay Connected, in Room Gifts and Shopping, Driving Directions and Custom Pre-Arrival Guide.
            Click on Reservation Summary, and it will show you all you need to know about your cruise. It will give you the dates, ship name, guest information, air/ground transportation and hotel information and your itinerary.
Click on My Cruise Activities and you are told the earliest date you can book Port and Shipboard Adventures. How far out from your cruise you can book Port/Shipboard Adventures depends on the number of Disney Cruises you taken in the past. First-time cruisers can book 75 days out. Silver level Castaway Club members (those who are on their second to fifth Disney Cruise) can book 90 days out. Gold level Castaway Club members (those who are on their sixth through 10th Disney Cruise) can book 100 days out. Platinum level Castaway Club members (those who are on their 11th plus Disney Cruise) can book 110 days out.
My Online Check-in is where you go to give Disney Cruise Line all the information they need to speed up your check-in at the terminal. Here you will give them you were Passport information, special needs, allergies and general information. On the main link has the earliest date you can do this. It is between 75 and 110 days from your cruise date depending on your Castaway Club level. The more Disney Cruises you’ve taken the further out you can do it.
Fun on the (your ship name here) is a link to an overview of what shipboard fun is available on the ship you will be selling on.
Character Calls! Here you can schedule 2 free character calls to any member of your cruising party. You can schedule it at any time from the date of booking to the date you sail. Think of your child’s or spouses face when they get a call from Mickey Mouse or Goofy telling them about their Disney cruise!
Packing list! What every new cruiser needs to know and what every seasoned cruiser needs to be reminded to take! All is listed here, but it is not a substitute for thinking about your personal needs and wants. This packing list is a good start. It does mention prescription medication but does not mention all the necessities you may need such as medical equipment. There is also a list of what you cannot take on the cruise. Pay attention to this list because what is not allowed they will take away from you and hold until the end of the cruise.
Air and Ground Transportation. Here you will find links to information on available air and ground transportation and Disney policies regarding them. You will also find links to TSA travel information on what can and cannot be brought on most airlines. Once again you’ll find a list of what you cannot pack for air and cruise travel.
Passport and Travel Documentation information section. Here you will find out what you need to know about passport and travel documentation needed for the cruise. For US citizens you will find a link to the US Government Passport site. A little extra bit of information, for US citizens going by cruise or car to Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean all you need is a Passport Cart. You only need the traditional Passport Book if you are flying in or out the United States.
Stay Connected! Disney Cruise Line wants to keep you informed. Here you can give them your email or cell phone number (optional!) so they can send you important updates by email or text message. It is up to you how you received the message. They will text or email you a reminder when you can book Port/Shipboard Adventures or do your Online Check-in. Also if for some reason (such as bad weather or problems at the port) your departure time is delayed they will send you an update.
In Room Gifts and Shopping! Here you can order something special to celebrate a birthday or anniversary with members of your sailing party. You can also order things such as DCL jewelry, shirts, food platters (fruit and cheese) and other goodies. These items will be delivered to the stateroom and be waiting for you and you arrive.
Driving Directions. Click here for general driving directions to the port. This area also gives you information such as pricing for parking and general safety information.
Custom Pre-Arrival Guide. This is a treasure trove for the excited cruiser! Here you can print or email a PDF file of your cruise information! This will have information on your reservation including your reservation number. Your sail date and cruise itinerary, important dates to know such as when you need to have your cruise paid for in full, earliest dates to book Port/Shipboard Adventures, Online Check-in and other fun information. If you’re surprising someone with the cruise printing this up and putting it in a binder and giving it to them is a great way to let them know.
So now you know why it’s important to sign up with the Disney Cruise Line website. The web address is:

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