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Gratuities and Tipping on the Disney Cruise Lines

Gratuities and Tipping on the Disney Cruise Lines


We all know that when you go to a restaurant or stay at a hotel you should tip serving staff that provide good service. The same is true for Disney and all cruise lines.

You can choose to pre-pay gratuities before the cruise or they will be added to your onboard account at the end of the cruise. Now don’t panic! The amount is not out of line and in fact is reasonable when you break it down per day. You are only “required” to tip 4 servers, Dining Room Server, Dining Room Assistant Server, Dining Room Head Server and your Stateroom Host/Hostess.

There are others you can tip if you use them and feel the service deserves. That list includes the following people: Dining Manager, Room Service, Vista Spa & Salon, Babysitting and Port Adventures. The “cost” for eating at Palo’s and Remy’s is actually your Gratuity so no extra gratuity is expected/required.

Here is what the Disney Cruise Line has on their site as suggested tips per person in the cabin (adult and children pay the same):

Per Guest per cruise
Dining Room Server
Dining Room Asst. Server
Dining Room Head Server
Stateroom Host/
Dining Manager
Your Discretion
Room Service
Your Discretion
Gratuity included
Vista Spa & Salon
Your Discretion
Gratuity not expected
Port Adventures
not included in port
adventure price.
Total “Required” tip per person


If you get really great service you can increase the amount if you wish. If you wish to pay in cash or make changes to the amount just stop by the Guest Services Desk and make arraignments.

Here is the breakdown of the required gratuity by day:

Dining Room Serving Staff ~ $8 per person per day

For this you get 3 dedicated servers for your table. Each person’s meal may cost as much as $60 at a restaurant on land. At 15% the average tip would be $9.

If you have an allergy or other dietary restriction your dining staff will gladly make sure you are taken care of. They will have you order your next nights meal the night before so they can make sure it is safe for you. If they have any questions or find what your ordered has something you can’t have they will find you either after diner or early in the day to change your order so  you have no problems at diner the next night.

Stateroom Host/Hostess ~ $4 per person per day

Your Stateroom Host/Hostess comes to your room several times each day. They clean and make the bed in the morning. They bring in your Navigator (ships event/entertainment schedule) in the evening along with making you a towelgami and turning down your bed(s).

          You can always go to either your dining staff or stateroom host to solve many problems or get questions answered while on board. They are a fount of information!

A 15% gratuity is automatically added to bar, beverage, wine and deck service tabs. All gratuities can be charged to your room charge.

Cash is not used on the Disney Ships (except if you wish to leave an extra tip at the END of your cruise.) All purchases of merchandise, non-included drinks (liquor, specialty coffee and bottled/canned soda/water), non-included food items such as specialty items from some lounges/bars and Port/Shipboard Adventures.

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