Friday, February 22, 2013

House of the future in Disneyland's Innoventions

House of the Future in Disneyland’s Innoventions

            Inside Innoventions there is the house of the future. This wonderful, and often overlooked attraction shows technology that is available or will soon be available that can that could be used in everybody’s house.
            The living room has digital photo frames that change pictures frequently. One fun feature is presets for each family member so when you walk in you select the family member and their pictures and music choices are displayed and played.
            The kitchen has energy and time efficient equipment. All of the time-saving kitchen gadgets are available to use. The refrigerator will keep track of what you have put in the refrigerator and what you’ve used reminding you what you need to purchase when you go to the store next. A computer screen conveniently located in the kitchen can be used to look up recipes, play your favorite music, videos, surf the web or even watch TV while you prepare dinner or have a snack.
            The home office area is well-stocked with technology to make working from home convenient and easy. It also makes doing household business convenient and pleasant.
            The dining room has a unique dining table with a beautiful glass top. The tabletop becomes a set of video display screens. Phones with Bluetooth connections can be set on the table and connected to it to display pictures and other items on the phone.
            The teenage daughter’s room is a lot of fun with full wall video display screens where she can project favorite pictures, and posters, movie posters or school and sports logos. It has full conductivity to the Internet so she can surf the web and chat with her friends. It has a “magic” mirror where she can virtually try on her clothing and share it with friends so they help her can pick her outfit.
            I think my favorite room is a young son’s room. I’d love this room my own! It has a pirate ship bed (with its own Canon), desk, old-fashioned looking grandfather clock that is actually a wardrobe, bench seating around one wall and video screens around the room. Throughout the day a Cast Member will stop and do story time in the son’s room. They tell the story of Peter Pan while showing clips from the movie on the walls. They pick one of the guests to sit on the pirate ship bed and shoot the Canon at Peter and the kids.
            The next time you’re at Disneyland to stop by Tomorrowland and go into Innoventions. Enjoy your trip to Neverland!

Here is my video of the storytelling:

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