Monday, April 21, 2014

Review of: Tales from Terri A Disney Sculptor’s Life, Volume 1

Review of: Tales from Terri A Disney Sculptor’s Life, Volume 1
By Terri Hardin


Terri Hardin has had a rich and rewarding live as a puppeteer, artist, Disney Imagineer and Disney Collectable Sculptor. In her book, ”Tales from Terri A Disney Sculptor’s Live, Volume 1” she shares some of her adventure as an artist and how she came to work for Disney.

What I love about this book most of all it is it encourages you to be creative. She tells you to go out and try. Her business cards are inspiration cards not just a way to share her business contact information.

After telling you how she walked a Disneyland park attraction to work on her concept for a collectable piece she asks you to make a list of what characters in that attraction you would like to see. She asks you to tell her what you would like to see them doing. She even suggests you draw it, stick figures acceptable!

I love how she relates her grandfather’s advice, “All men must work for a living. However, a wise man plays for a living. When you get paid to do what you love, it never feels like work.” It is obvious she is playing for her living and enjoying every moment!

I highly recommend this book for anybody that is creative, looking to find the creativity in themselves or looking for inspiration and encouragement in their creative endeavors.

I had the pleasure of meeting Terri at Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn at a signing event and she is as energetic and positive in person as she is in the book. Thank you Terri for coming out to support the Barn!

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