Monday, April 7, 2014

Captain Americathe Winter Soldier ~ No Spoiler Review

Captain America the Winter Soldier ~ No Spoiler Review

First I’m going to say GO SEE THIS MOVIE!! It is a great movie! Second I’m going to say STAY TO THE END OF THE CREDITS! Not almost to the end but to the VERY VERY END!

I’m going to try to make this a no spoiler review. I may put up a second review with spoilers. It is a fun, action packed comic book romp! If you like action this is the movie for you!

Captain America the Winter Soldier is the story of a man that is lost, lost in time, lost in history, lost in his memories of a world and people he knew and loved. He felt the world had moved on in the wrong direction. Right was wrong and wrong was now somehow morally acceptable. We see him floundering and looking for direction. In the end he decides to stick with what he knows, right is right and he will stand for it and with those that also stand with it.

What I came away with from Captain America is a wakeup call. I’m not saying this is the purpose of the movie or that the makers of the film had this in mind. Just saying what I came away with.

Cap is lost. What is right what is wrong? Has the world changed so much that what is truly morally acceptable is different? I’m not talking cultural behavior but true right and wrong. Do all men deserve to live free and make their own choices or should “leadership/government” make the choices for them? Who has the ultimate say?

As I watched this movie unfold my mind ran to who is watching the watchers? Who is setting limits and rules for those that are enforcing and making rules for the public? When should and/or should we ever give up our freedoms for “safety”?

I will be honest. I’ve been a fan of Marvel most of my life. The reason is many of the stories make you think. The stories encourage you to look at life’s issues and simplify. For Cap it is knowing right from wrong and trying to always do right. For Spiderman it is, “With great strength comes great responsibility.” For the XMen it is the choice of how to fight discrimination and predigest. Each of them has a lesson to learn if we are open.

So I salute the “Red, White and Blue Man with the Plan” Captain America! 

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