Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dick VanDyke at Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn Update

Dick VanDyke at Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn Update

The Carolwood foundation is pleased to announce that there will be additional Priority Access available for the signing opportunity with Dick VanDyke that is scheduled for Sunday, May 11. The number of spaces available will be based on the final count for cancellations of the previously announced date. Priority Access will again be made available for $20, and will include a photo. Guests may substitute their own item in place of the photo. Please, only one signature per guest, and no posed photos.

Please note that there will be no additional public access to Walt’s Barn an May 11. Only guests with confirmed Priority Access will be admitted. The Carolwood foundation reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone, or to remove anyone from any reason. All scheduled events and activities are subject to change without notice. 

This is a rescheduling of the March 16th, date that Dick was to be at Walt’s Barn. He was under the weather on that date and rescheduled. Due to scheduling conflicts his time is more limited this month.

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Please join us at Walt’s Barn on April 20th, for our regularly scheduled public day, when our guests will be Tony Baxter and Terri Hardin. You are also invited to public day May 18th, when we will welcome stars from the Disney Channel.

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