Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Second Favorite Firework Viewing Spot at Disneyland

My Second Favorite Firework Viewing Spot at Disneyland

            If you have read my earlier blogs about viewing the fireworks at Disneyland you would know I’m VERY picky about where I view them from. In general if I can’t see the front of the castle with the special lighting and have a clear view of Tinker Bell and Dumbo I don’t want to see the fireworks at all. I can’t be in the middle of the crowd because I can not see if I am. I am short and if I’m in the crowd all I see is people’s backsides, not a pleasant view I must say.

            I found a second spot to view the fireworks from. This is a not as good view, in my humble opinion but you don’t have to go camp it out for hours standing in a crowd. This location is over by It’s A Small World. Anytime up to the start of the fireworks you can walk into this area and it is near empty. I do suggest sitting in the raised area that is used as the lineup for the Princess Merida meet and greet.

            You can’t see the fireworks off of the castle, Tinker Bell or Dumbo but you get something else. You will hear the explosions and can see some of the higher fireworks but not all.

The high level fireworks frame the edge of Small World and there is a special lighting/video show projected on the front of the ride that goes with the fireworks. This is totally eye candy and different from what goes on the castle. In many ways what is projected on the ride is better than what they project on the castle.

If you are staying at the park long enough to catch the fireworks 2 nights I suggest seeing the fireworks from here at least once. It is a great alternative for viewing if you don’t mind missing Tinker Bell and Dumbo and don’t want to spend your day holding a spot to view the fireworks from.

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