Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Adventures by Disney

Adventures by Disney

What is Adventures by Disney? Why choose Adventures by Disney?
Adventures by Disney are guided tours to various locations around the world. There are some in North and South America as well as Europe and Asia.
The reason to choose Adventures by Disney is the Disney difference. Each small tour group has two Disney guides. These are local guides that know the people, customs stories and area. They will take your entire group on a one of a kind tour. There will be times for just the adults in the group and while they are off enjoying a quiet moment together the kids are entertained by the guides. There are special moments for each person in the group. You are taken to local historical spots and hear the inside stories from people who know the stories because they live there. In each tour there are several stops that are unique and special just to Adventures by Disney. You may get a privet before opening or after closing tour of a museum or historical location.
You have your pick of Adult only, Active Family Adventures or historical multi generation tours. You can also find tours designed for families with teens packed with high energy adventure for your teen along with quiet time for mom and dad.
From a So California to the Czech Republic Disney has a destination for you! Rome, Italy, England and France, Spain, China, Scotland, Austria and Australia are some of the overseas destinations. North and South America have many destinations as well. They are across the United States including historical tours of Washington DC, Montana with stops in Canada and a trip across Peru.
What makes Adventures by Disney different? It’s all that’s included. From the time you picked up at the airport time you dropped off at the airport to return home your Disney Guides give you concierge level service no matter where you are. Schedule meals, tickets to shows, museums and other ticketed locations and transportation throughout your tour is all included.
You can check out the various destinations at the Adventures by Disney website the book online or with your favorite travel agent.

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