Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hurricane Season Arrives

Hurricane Season Arrives

            Hurricane season has arrived with the first named storm of the season, Andrea. At this time there are tornado warnings up most of the eastern coast of the United States and tornado watches at WDW and surrounding area. Prayer and Pixie Dust for those in the area, Please stay safe!
            So what do you do if you are at WDW during inclement weather? Number one be prepared. Take your raingear along with you or be ready to purchase it there and don’t mind dodging raindrops. Number two be aware. Be aware of the weather when you leave your hotel for your day of fun. Will the weather be clear, a little rainy, heavy rains or do you have a tornado watch a warning? Know what to expect.
            If a tornado warning is called keep informed throughout the day but don’t let it stop your enjoyment. Just be aware if the weather is getting better or worse, if you have a smart phone a weather app that can alert you if the warning turns into a watch would be a wise idea to have.
            If a tornado watch is called you have decisions to make. You can stay at the hotel and shelter there riding it out. You can go to the park but be prepared to listen for instructions just in case tornado is seen in the area. Follow instructions if they are given! Cast members are trained and know where safe locations are.

            The most important thing to remember is don’t panic. Panic causes more injury and deaths in the emergency situations than anything else. Stay calm so any children that are with you stay calm. Be prepared to help others by encouraging them to stay calm.

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