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Christmas at Disneyland Resort

Christmas at Disneyland Resort
Help Save Christmas at Disneyland

Christmas at Disneyland Resort is a truly magical time. Yes it is early to start talking about it but I feel I must. Let me start by telling you what is great about Christmas at Disneyland and then I’ll tell you my concern.
There is the Christmas Parade by day or night, Fireworks at night, Snow falling throughout the park after the Fireworks and special Castle Lighting, Haunted Mansion Holiday, Small World Holiday and all the decorations around the park truly are special. The Candlelight Processional is amazing as are all new things at Disney California Adventure. The DCA decorations really came up to full Disney standard. Disneyland has a way of bringing the holidays alive.
Daily the rumors build that Disneyland is planning on doing the Pay-to-Play Christmas like the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. You might think, “Wow! A chance to have holiday time at Disneyland with smaller crowds!” or “Nice! Now I will not have to worry about getting a good view of the Parade or Fireworks!”
If they do this you will have to pay to see the Christmas Fireworks, Christmas Parade and Christmas Snow. Only those that pay to play will be able to see the park lit up at night. Let me tell you why this will not work well. Disneyland Resort is NOT Walt Disney World! Here are the differences between the two resort properties.
                                                DLR                                                     WDW
Size:                                       0.8 Mile                                              47 Square Miles
Number of parks:                  2                                                          4
Number of water parks:        0                                                          2
Indoor Amusement Parks:     0                                                          1
Bowling:                                   0                                                          1
Golf Courses:                         0                                                          2 (full and mini)
Hotels/Resorts:                    3                                                          Over 20
Entertainment at hotels:      Minimal/Nothing large                       Most have a special thing
Shopping Districts:               1/DTD                                                 2 DTD & the Boardwalk
            Now you may ask why this makes a difference, here we go.  When a park, such as the Magic Kingdom is closed for a special event at Walt Disney World there are 3 other parks to go to. There are also the hotels/resorts, Downtown Disney, Boardwalk and Golf to entertain guests on property.
            When Disneyland or Disney California Adventure closes for a special event things become dicey. Disneyland closes and people head over to California Adventure for the evening. Once World of Color starts most if not all of Paradise Pier and the surrounding area closes for the night. When Paradise Pier closes for WoC the following rides CLOSE, Screamr’, Mickey’s Fun Wheel, Silly Symphony Swings, Golden Zephyr and maybe Jellyfish Jump and Toy Story Mania. That leaves Cars Land for the big ticket ride with Radiator Springs Racers open. If you are too late to get a ticket for viewing of WoC you can either hopefully catch it from the backside where you cannot see the video on the water clearly or you can go to Alice’s Mad T Party. I will be honest my husband and I can’t do the T Party because it is a loud dance party with flashing lights.
            So what are your options if Disneyland is closed and you don’t have tickets or don’t want to see WoC? You can hang out in Downtown Disney but that can be done in a short time. You can go back to your hotel but there is little to no entertainment there. During Christmas they may have Christmas Carolers out for short periods of time in the Lobby of the Grand Californian. They also have a live piano player from time to time in the lobby of the Grand. The hotel restaurants have Character Breakfasts so you that takes that out unless you just want to eat diner. Your only other choice is to leave the resort and go see a movie or find something else to do off property.
            If you don’t like this idea of a pay-to-play at Disneyland what can you do to let Disney know? Number one is drop them an email. Here is the link to where you can write them:
            If someone knows how to set up a petition let me know! I would love to be a part! I’d sign and pass the information on!

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