Saturday, June 1, 2013

Disney Parks Annual Price Increase

Disney Parks Annual Price Increase

I’ve been watching for the annual price increase for this year and it is here. The new prices start tomorrow at both WDW and DLR. On a person note I am happy we renewed our Annual Passes to DLR in the past couple of weeks and we will not have to pay the increased rate.

While I feel Disney Prices are high and they do not need to raise them I also understand that general operating costs are increasing. Utilities, gas, food, employee compensation and general supplies have gone up. Disney’s increase in prices is a reasonable amount and not abusive. Last year the increase was all over the map and ranged from 10% to 33% depending on the ticket/AP.

This year the general price increase is what I call reasonable. The one day tickets increased $5 with the multi day prices increasing in proportional amounts. The Annual Passes increased by $10-$20 depending on the level with the lower level passes getting the higher percentage of the increase. The only exception is the Premier Pass that allows you to go to by DLR and WDW. The Premier Pass increased by $130 making it $330 more than the DLR Premium Pass and $310 more than the WDW Premium Pass. The Premier Pass is the got the highest percentage increases.

Here is some information I find interesting. DLR single park single day ticket is now $92. WDW has a strange pricing police, in my opinion. MK is now $95 and the three other parks are $90.
Here are links to the new prices.

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