Saturday, August 24, 2013

What Type of D23 Expo Attendee Are You??

What Type of D23 Expo Attendee Are You?

There are several different types of D23 Expo Attendees. There is the general Disney Crazed Fan, Collector/Trader, Collector/Profiteer, Comic Con crossovers, and the DisneyFile (nerd).

The Disney Crazed Fan: Just wants to soak up anything and everything Disney! They want to see the Disney Royals walking around. You may find some of these folks dressed up as their favorite Disney Character.

Collector/Trader: Has researched what Disney collectables are going to be available and come early to line up to purchase their desired items. They are fairly easy to identify by the number of bags they carry around. These are Disney Fans that like to have Disney around them at home.

Collector/Profiteer: Like the Collector/Trader the Collector/Profiteer had researched what is available and has thought about what will have the best resale value. They are easy to spot because they have bags full of Disney collectables and usually have multiples of the highly prized items. These people may or may not be Disney fans. Those that are fans are usually nice enough. Those that are not Disney fans are out for nothing but profit. I usually avoid these people because they are not the happiest on earth.

Comic Con Crossovers: Comic Con Spillovers are Comic Con Fans that either are Marvel Comic fans come to see what Disney is doing with their favorite characters or they are also Disney fans. You can often tell these fans by the fact they are at any event that talks about Marvel. Some of them also the wear costumes of their favorite comic book hero.

DisneyFile (nerd): You will find this attendee at all the major events they can pack in. They want to see what is coming in all aspects of Disney. You may find them with notebooks taking notes, camera’s at the ready to take pictures, cell phones, tablets and computers at the ready to Facebook, Google+, Tweet and Instagram everything! The people just want to know EVERYTHING about what is going on in Disney. These are the ones you will find at the discussion panels with Disney Legends. They want to hear the old guard talk about working with Walt and the younger generation talking about how the old guard taught them the way Walt did things. They are the nerds, geeks and oddballs of the Disney fans.

No matter what kind of Disney fan you are you can find lots of things to enjoy at a D23 Expo.

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