Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The DNA of Innovation

The DNA of Innovation

At the 2013 D23 Expo there were 5 panel discussions with Imagineers. The DNA of Innovation was the second in the series.

There were six Imagineers on this panel. Asa Kalama, Scott Throwbridge, Bob Gurr, Trish Albright, Susan Bonds and David Durham were on hand to discuss how Imagineers creative process develops and is passed on.

There was a lively discussion of technology versus creativity, with Bob Gurr joking about how they did things faster in the “old days” without computers, texts and cell phones. It was pointed out that technology and creativity are not different and they support each other. All of these panel member has been responsible for managing and developing different areas of the Disney creative process.

One of the current projects that was talked about was experiential storytelling. This is where the guests help tell the story! Guests are involved in scavenger hunts and problem solving that moves the story along and changes the story. This can be in a park or on a cruise ship. Guests are given a clue and sent out to solve their quest. The guests interact with cast members and characters as they look for clues. Any cast member from janitors to ride operators may be involved in the quest.

This was a very interesting panel and stimulated our creative process so we can improve problem-solving skills and build creative process throughout all areas of life. If you are feeling uncreative or like us have lost some of your creative drive sit down and watch this video. It is well worth the hour out of your day.

Here is video of the panel:

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