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2013 D23 Expo: Sorcerer Pass What Is It & Is It Worth It

2013 D23 Expo: Sorcerer Pass What Is It & Is It Worth It

I’ve not been on in a while to write here in Pixie Pranks because I was busy getting ready for going to and then writing about the D23 Expo for a fan site. I will be sharing here as well now.
There were several different level tickets for the D23 Expo this year. There was the Member Ticket that had the guests name on it along with the day/days it was good for. Price this year for Member tickets purchased at the full member price was $145 for all three days $57 for one day. Non member 3 day was $166. There were Guest Tickets for Cast Members that were $15 per day. Then there was the Sorcerer Pass. The Sorcerer Pass was a 3 day D23 Expo pass with special access. The cost for this ticket was $1,500 per person. These tickets were to be limited to 150 but I have head as many as 300 were sold.
At Expo opening every day there was a set order of admittance that was to be followed. First the Sorcerer Level ticket holders were to be admitted 1 hour before everybody else. They were followed by the people with Member tickets once all Sorcerer level holders lined up had been admitted. Once the Member Ticket holders had entered the “Guest Pass” ticket holders were admitted. Press Pass holders were admitted with the “Guest Pass” ticket holders. Guest Pass and Press Pass holders could be admitted as much as 2 hours after the Expo opened.
So what was $1,500 to get you at the 2013 D23 Expo? They were to get early entrance to the facility, 1 hour ahead of general members. Access to the Sorcerer Lounge with snacks. They could select which presentations they wished to see and reserve seats with no waiting in line. Special lines for shops such as the Dream Store, Mickey of Glendale and the Disney Store where limited edition items were for sale. There was also a special fireworks viewing with dessert.
I did not have the Sorcerer Level pass to the D23 Expo, I had a Press Pass (but got in with Members because I’m a Member). I did have friends that had it and I talked to others that I saw at the Expo that had it.
Sorcerer Pass holders did get in early but not as early as they were told they would. Often it was a foot race with the regular Member Pass holders to get to the concessions first. Still this is one thing the majority of the Sorcerer Pass holders said they liked the best and the one reason they would pay for it again.
The Sorcerer Lounge was just a room with some chairs. Often the food offering was peanuts and not much else.
When going to their selected presentations the staff at the doors did not know where to send them to enter and tried to send them to the regular lines. Once inside the presentation Stage or Arena sometimes they were directed to sit with the general public, no special reserved seating for some of the events. Some presentations did have special sections for Sorcerer Pass holders. With people waiting in lines for as long as 4 hours for some events (such as the Sherman/Menken Disney Songbook Concert) this was still a big plus for the majority of Sorcerer Pass holders I talked to.
The special fireworks viewing I hear was not a success. The area would have been fine if the tickets were limited to 150 people but there were about 300 people so viewing was limited due to crowding. I was told that some people did not get dessert because they ran out. There was not even enough coffee for everybody.

Personally I would not spend $1,500 for the ticket but I can see how it would be beneficial to some people. Those that are at the D23 Expo primarily to purchase limited edition collectables would find this an asset. Those that are determined to see as many as possible of the presentations may also find it helpful if they had the extra money to spend. Be aware you will NEVER be able to see ALL the presentations no matter what level pass you have.

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  1. I paid $20 for my ticket, which was about all I was willing to pay. I came home with lots of SWAG, including the Sorcerer Mickey Infinity game piece. Too many long lines for everything.


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