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What to carry in your carryon luggage

What to carry in your carryon luggage

       What should you carry onboard the ship with you? You can bring a small carryon bag or suit bag along with a purse or computer bag with you as you walk onboard. They are lenient with the number of bags as long as you don’t go too far. First thing is pack as much in your check in as you can. Let Disney carry it to your stateroom for you! If you are one of the first to board be aware that you will most likely not be able to go to your stateroom for a couple of hours. They need time to prepare the stateroom for you. You want to carry what you need but nothing more. Whatever you carry you will need to keep with you until your cabin is ready. It is hard to explore the ship while carrying several bags.

       You will need your passport, photo ID and your boarding documents handy to show as you board. Do not put then deep in your bags. Carry any medication you need in your carryon bag and not in your checked in luggage. It would not do to have needed medication lost while on vacation! If you use any medical device, such as a CPAP carry that on as well. Don’t take the risk of it not making it onto the ship with you. Any valuables, breakables and electronics such as computers should also be in your carryon. Cell phones will not be needed so they can be either put deep in the carry on or in the check in. Side note here is that you will be charged extra for using your cell phone on the ship even if you are in port. Make sure you bring your camera with you. You will want to catch those magical Disney memories as you board.

       Disney Pins to trade with a lanyard or book is a fun thing to have. You can either pack them in your bag or wear your lanyard. Pin Trading is a fun way to pass the time as you wait to board the ship. A few small snacks and a bottle of water or other drink is a good idea to have in your bag as well. That way you will have something to eat and drink until your turn to board comes and you can go to the buffet to get something. Your wait to board can be an hour or more. You may also want to consider some of the following items, especially if you have children with you, a deck of cards, a book, coloring books and crayons or a small travel game. These are to keep children and yourself entertained while waiting to board.

       You should also bring a change of clothing. If you wish to go swimming, either before leaving port or right after pack a swimsuit in your carry on. Just in case your luggage is delayed getting to your cabin you should bring a change of clothes for the evening and maybe something to sleep in. A sweater or jacket depending on the weather is a good idea as well. On our last cruise my DH’s luggage did not arrive until just before dinner. By the time it got there it was too late for him to change for dinner. Sadly he did not bring clothing in his carry on to wear to dinner that night. So we went to dinner in what we boarded the ship.

       Be aware things are different if you drive to the port than if you fly in. If you fly in and you avail yourself of Disney Ground Transportation you will have to follow the rules of the airline you fly on regarding carryon and check in luggage. You will also not be able to get to your checked in luggage before Disney picks you and the luggage up for the trip to the ship. Therefore what is in the check in bag is there until it gets to the stateroom. If you drive you can bring a little bit more in by carryon. You can even bring a case of water to save money on water.

       When you get to the terminal you will have to go through security. They will x-ray your bags and ask what you have in your bags. If you have anything in any of your bags check in or carryon that should not be there they will hold it until the ship returns to the homeport as long as it is not illegal to own.
       If for some reason you have to carry on more than the “rules” allow call Disney and tell them. You may have several pieces of medical equipment or a combination of things that are required for your health and safety. Let Disney know ahead of time and they will work with you.

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