Wednesday, May 11, 2011

March 13th, Port of Los Angeles

March 13th, Port of Los Angeles

Home again!

Much to our dismay the morning came too soon and dreams of sailing on came to an abrupt end.

We got ready for breakfast and made sure we packed the last of our items in our carry off bags. It was time to leave our cabin for the final time. We said a prayer for the ship and the next guest in our cabin for a peaceful and fun voyage.

We left our room and headed off to Parrot Cay for breakfast. We had to be there by our allotted time or do without breakfast. So off we went dragging our bags along with us. What a wonderful full service breakfast we had served once again by our wonderful team. Our friends decided to skip breakfast and did not join us. They still had more packing to do.

After breakfast we had to wait for our disembarking group to be called. As we waited we took turns running off to get the last pictures we wanted but had missed on the ship. They called our group but we hung out and waited continuing to take a few last pictures.

Finally we joined the line of people heading off the ship. We were sad walking off. We were not ready to leave. We wanted to stay. We stopped and took a few last pictures of the ship as we walked down the line toward customs.

After customs we found a large room with a sign that matched the tags we had been given to place on our luggage. 5 of our bags were right together with 1 little bag set about 10 ft away. All in all Disney did a great job of getting our luggage off the ship and keeping it together. It was easy to find it. Then the fun part came!! How do two people carry all this luggage out of the building! We did not want to get a porter to help us. So we spent time getting all the bags tied together and off we went.

When we got outside we found our friends waiting for their ride home. We spent a few minutes saying good bye and getting our final hugs. What a joy it was to spend a week with our great friends!

We had parked near the building so finding the truck was easy. A shuttle bus took us to our truck with our luggage so that made it easy. Quickly the truck was loaded and off we went to brave the freeways of Los Angeles and head home. The drive was uneventful.

All in all this was an amazing trip that I would suggest anybody take! What a fun time had by all!

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