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Disney Cruise LIne Daily Navigators

Daily Navigators

When you arrive at the terminal to board your Disney Cruise you will be handed a wonderful gift. It is you first Daily Navigator!! You will also find a copy on your desk in your stateroom when you get there. Each evening after that you will find the Daily Navigator for the next day slid under your door or on your bed. Why do I find this so exciting? Let me tell you.

       Your Navigator is the best way to plan your days. Each night when you return to your stateroom I suggest you spend a few minutes before going to sleep looking at the next day’s Navigator. You will find the daily schedule easy to read. It is set up laid out like the TV guide with times easy to find. It is also broken into sections for Adults, Families and Children so finding activities that will suit your family/group will be easy. Activities have color coded Mickeys next to them so you can easily see what age group that activity is aimed at. We used a highlighter to mark the events we wanted to see. It made it easier it keep track of what we did not want to miss.

       On our first cruise in 2005 we did not use our Navigator and we missed a lot of fun we wanted to do. We still had fun but spent more of our time in the pools and missed most of the onboard fun and character meet and greets.

       There are also adds and teasers for special events along with notices for various events on the ship. Here is where you will find out if tonight’s dinner is a theme meal with special attire suggested. Three nights themed and if desired you can dress for the event. They are semiformal (Captain’s Gala), formal (The Golden Mickeys) and then there is Pirate Night (Pirates IN the Caribbean Deck Party). You are not required to dress up for any of the themed nights but it does add to the fun. To answer the question I know you are dying to ask, YES people do dress up as pirates for Pirate Night. They come to dinner in there Pirate Best and continue to wear it during the Pirates IN the Caribbean Deck Party. Make sure you leave your sharp sward in your stateroom mattie and watch out for Captain Hook!

       I suggest you stop by the Guest Services Desk and grab a couple extra copies of the Navigator each day. You will want at least one for marking up and carrying around with you. You might want one for each adult so you each have one if you choose to do different activities you still have it to refer too. We kept 2 clean and packed away for memories. We will use one in a scrap book and keep the other in a file too look back on. What a great freebee memory maker to bring home!!

       What happens if you get your Navigator in the evening and something happens that changes where the ship goes the next day changing what can and will happen on the ship? Don’t worry!!! Things like this to happen and if you will just go with the flow all will be fine. While we were on the ship Japan got hit with a devastating earthquake. We could not go into port due to Tsunami warnings, a minor problem when you think of what happened to Japan. On days at port there is less to do on the ship so people were looking for things to do. The crew added shipboard activities that day and made it more like a day at sea. Because of the changes they printed up an addendum to the Navigator and those were delivered to each stateroom and placed in locations around the ship for passengers to pickup.

       So don’t forget to grab your Navigator and keep it handy so you don’t miss any of the fun things you want to do when you are traveling on the D

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