Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dress Up/Dress Down What to Wear!?

Dress Up/Dress Down What to Wear!?

       The Disney Cruise has a casual dress attire requirement over all. Nice clean jeans or shorts and a t-shirt or tank top is fine most of the time. Dinner is always a nice time to dress up some to make it more special but you will not be refused service if you don’t follow suggested guidelines for a particular evenings attire. Still there are times you will want to dress up! You can use dinner’s as a teachable moment for your children and help them learn how to behave in a formal setting that is still “safe” if they get a little out of line. Everybody on the cruise understands kids being normal kids. As long as they are not running wild around the restaurant.

       The night of the Golden Mickeys is Formal Night and is full of pomp and formalities. Recommended attire for dinner is formal wear. Even with that a tux and formal gown are not required, we did see one tux and more than a few gowns on formal night. Suits and tie are fine for the gentlemen and a nice dress or pant suit outfit is more than acceptable for ladies. This is a wonderful time to get your picture with the Captain and/or Mickey & Minnie in their formal best. Still many people come to dinner in shorts and other casual wear. After dinner is the Oscar Award type stage show the Golden Mickeys.

       There is also the Captain’s Gala or the semi formal night. Again on this night suit and tie for the gentlemen and a nice dress for the ladies are more than acceptable for dinner. You will not be locked out of restaurant if you show up in casual attire. After dinner you can trade pins with the officers of the ship in the lobby.

       Pirates IN the Caribbean is a wonderful night to dress up on the ship! But this time it is not casual or formal! Pull out your Pirate best or worst and have some fun! Didn’t bring your pirate outfit? No problem, you will find a pirate bandana at your table so you can still join the fun. You get to bring the bandana home with you. Your table service staff will be all dressed up in pirate attire for dinner and the meal will be a virtual pirate feast! After dinner the fun really begins with a Pirate themed deck party that has fireworks as the highlight! On our last cruise the fun did not end with the party. After the party they set out deck chairs and people cuddled down to watch Pirates in the Caribbean ~ the Curse of the Black Pearl on the Funnelvision Screen late into the night. I will be honest about 25% of the guests joined the fun and brought special outfits for Pirate Night. Some of them go full out and look like they just stepped off a movie set. On our first cruise in 2005 nobody dressed up for Pirate Night. In just 6 years the theme is picking up as there are more repeat cruisers.

       Over all it is up to you. If you wish to dress up for any evening or special event then do so. If you wish to stay casual that is fine as well but to be honest I think you are missing out on making some very special memories.

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