Monday, May 30, 2011

Let Disney do the driving!!

       Did you know Disney offers ground transportation to and from the airport to your Disney Destination? This is a fantastic way to relax as you travel to your Disney Destination! This is especially wonderful if you have any mobility/health issues or are traveling with children. There are some things to remember when using Disney’s Magical Express.

       When using Disney ground transportation you will check your check in luggage at your home airport then relax and enjoy the trip! Focus on getting yourself to the plane and enjoying time with those you are traveling with. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy! When you get to the airport near your Disney Destination do not go to luggage pick up. Your bags will not be there! Don’t worry they are not lost! Disney has picked up your luggage and will take it to your Disney Destination. You will find it in your room when you get there. If you choose to come in a day before your Disney cruise and take advantage of a free hotel room for the night before the cruise be aware your check in luggage will not go to the hotel with you. Disney will pick it up and store it in a secure location until the next day. Make sure you have all necessary items and valuables you need like medication and extra clothes to hold you over until you get to ship the next day.

       I’ll share our experience with you. We went to WDW and DCL in 2005. We had a group of 15 people including 3 disabled people on scooters and one 10 year old child. We put our luggage in the cabs and checked it in at our home airport. We then stopped worrying about it. This was a blessing because we, the able bodied could now focus on getting the 1 child and the 3 elderly disabled people where we needed to go without Dragging luggage around. We could take care of those who needed and ourselves without the stress of making sure the luggage got moved around.

       We had a wonderful flight to Orlando, it was my first time on a big plane. Once in Orlando we did not have to fuss with getting our luggage. We knew Disney would take care of it. Instead of running around grabbing luggage and worrying about where everybody was and if we got all of the luggage we could focus on keeping everybody together and enjoying our trip. We could attend to everybody’s needs easier because we did not have the luggage to worry about or carry.

       The ride to Disney World, our first stop from the airport was enjoyable. They had two special buses pick us up because our group was so large and 3 were on scooters and needed a vehicle that could accommodate them.

       At the end of our week at WDW our group was headed off to a week on the Disney Magic and a trip to the Caribbean. Each couple or family group made the decision to meet a DCL bus at the hotel we were staying at or at the Animal Kingdom Park. This time the regular bus they have for transporting guests was designed to handle the scooters so we could all ride together.

       It was an enjoyable ride to the ship with a TV above each row of seats playing Disney cartoons to entertain us as we went. After a week on the Magic it was time to head home again. The night before we got back to our homeport we packed and set our luggage outside our room. Crew took our luggage and got it ready to go to the airport. The next morning we took our carryon luggage and disembarked and boarded the bus for the ride back to the Orlando airport and the last leg of our trip. We had a quiet and pleasant ride to the airport. Disney helped us get the luggage to check in and we were on our way home. Since then Disney has improved the service. Now they have airline check in while you are still on the ship. They check your luggage in for you.

So if you are going from a Disney Park to a Disney Cruise no worries! Leave your luggage in your hotel room and let Disney pick it up. They will deliver it to your stateroom on the ship. Just make sure to follow all directions for putting labels on and where to leave them. The same goes the other way as well so if it is the cruise first then a park Disney will still take care of you.

       Let me share another story with the lesson, Make Sure You Read Everything. We had a friend who traveled with another cruise line and they offer a service like Disney’s ground transportation. Our friend did not read the fine print and when they got to the airport a day ahead of their cruise they did not know their luggage would be picked up by the cruise line. They thought it would go to the hotel with them. Our friends spent the day they had slated to look around the city and all their spending money for the entire trip on shopping for replacement clothing and luggage. They were surprised and a bit frustrated when they arrived in their stateroom and found all of their luggage there.

       When you leave the ship Disney will take you and your luggage to the airport. Your check in luggage will be picked up the night before and you will not see it again until you return to your home airport. Disney will check in your luggage for you.

       So sit back, relax and let Disney do the driving and handling of your luggage. Reduce travel stress and worries by letting Disney handle all your luggage and transportation to and from the airport. Just remember when and where your luggage is to show up and don’t worry about it at any other time.

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