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Frozen 3D or Regular!

Frozen 3D or Regular!
How would you watch this movie? 

If you are like me you don’t always jump at seeing movies in 3D. Why spend the extra money and put on funny glasses to watch a movie when you can enjoy it just as well viewing it traditionally projected? For some movies I believe it makes them too overwhelming. This is especially of concern if you have a family member with Autism Spectrum or a similar issue. With Frozen I think the extra is well worth it! It is not overwhelming but it does add to the depth of the movie.

Don’t get me wrong I like 3D and think it has its uses. Some movies are designed just for 3D and are best viewed that way. Frozen can be viewed and is beautiful in the traditional flat projection. But the 3D adds a depth that is amazing! For some filmmakers 3D is just an excuse to use stupid gags that truly do not add to the story or enjoyment of the film. That is not the case with Frozen!

I saw Mickey Mouse – Get a Horse in 3D at the 2013 D23 Expo in August. This classic Mickey Mouse short accompanies Frozen. I thought the short was AMAZING!! The 3D effects really made the entire short unbelievable. To go from “flat” black and white hand drawn animation to CGI full color 3D was something that blew my mind! I was sad my husband did not get to see this in 3D at the D23 Expo with me. (He was covering another event for me.) I believe this short is a MUST SEE in 3D!!! I was excited to take him to see Frozen and Mickey – Get a Horse. I was disappointed that we saw it first in traditional projection.

Opening day of Frozen (actually the night before) we went to see it and because my husband usually does not like 3D (they usually bother his eyes) we chose to see it traditionally projected. He was blown away by Mickey – Get a Horse! He thought the effects were fantastic. I knew they were nothing compared to the 3D! I decided we HAD to go see it in 3D! We finally did yesterday. Let me say my husband was not disappointed and neither was I! There is an amazing difference!!

The smoothness of the 3D of Mickey – Get a Horse and Frozen is amazing. Many 3D films cheat at being 3D. If you were to take your glasses off during most close up sequences of 3D movies you would see that it is not in 3D at that moment. In fact much of a “3D” movie is not in 3D. Only the scenes requiring the use of 3D to add depth to visual effect or a scene using a sight gag of something flying out of the screen at the audience have the 3D.

During my viewing of Frozen in 3D I lifted my 3D glasses at random times to see if the scene was 3D. Many times I lifted them were close ups of the type that usually are cheated and 3D not used in most films. The main focus, head shots of characters talking were clear but the background was clearly in 3D. When I put the glasses back on the added depth was startling and beautiful. In traditional the same scene is as beautiful but flat and not as “deep” and amazing.

In my opinion Frozen is a movie well worth spending the extra to see in 3D. In fact I told my husband I want to save up for a 3D TV so in the future I can watch this wonderful movie at home in 3D. This is the first time I’ve ever felt 3D was worth bringing into my home.

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