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Frozen - Review (No Spoilers)

FROZEN – Review (No Spoilers)

Our local theater had the first showing of Frozen at 7pm Tuesday. The audience was small but all seemed to enjoy it. I believe the small audience number can be attributed to the fact the movie was not publicized to be opening until Wednesday.

Frozen is Disney Animation Studio’s 53rd animated feature movie. It is loosely based on Hans Christian Anderson’s story, “The Snow Queen”. The story is about the relationship between two sisters. They are princesses and much beloved by their parents. Elsa and Anna are the newest Disney Princesses! (And Disney said they would make no more Princess movies!) This is a new culture for Disney to do a movie on, Scandinavian. In the past they have done German, French, English, Chinese, Arabian, Native American, American of African descent, Scottish, Dutch (kind of).

The movie is full of wonderful music. This is a Disney Musical in the style of Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Little Mermaid and Jungle Book. This will be a soundtrack to get and enjoy for a long time. Some of the songs pull the heart strings and others make you laugh. Either way the music is enjoyable. There is one thing about the music that kind of confused me. Some was cultural sounding and other songs were in a different musical styles that did not quite “fit” for me. Most Disney movies stick with a general musical style or styles that complement each other. I still enjoyed it all. The music truly drives the story and moves the plot along.

The animation is beautiful and Disney at its best. The characters are believable, engaging and warm. The special effects are fantastic! The background artwork is AMAZING. There is a great balance between slapstick humor, romance, drama and just some awwww moments.

This is a great movie to take children to and discuss relationships and honesty. It is a good opening to talk about fear stopping you from using your abilities. It can be used to show how people can and should work together to solve problems. It is a movie the entire family can enjoy together and everybody can take something home to think about. We had 3 generations of our family together enjoying it tonight. Our 19 year old daughter being the youngest laughed many times throughout the movie. My husband and I were thrilled by the movie. My Mum-in-Love came and smiled the entire time.

Elsa is the elder sister who has a magical gift, or is it a curse. This causes her and her parents to fear what could happen if she loses control and people find out.

Anna is the younger sister with a playful spirit that adores and looks up to her elder sister. She thrives on their relationship and is crushed when the relationship changes with her sister.

Hans is a prince, 13th in line for the throne of his country. He is good looking and suave.

 Kristoff is a woodsman that sells ice. He has a reindeer named Sven.

Olaf is a snowman that loves warm hugs and dreams of summer. He doesn’t have a clue!

I highly recommend this movie, 2 wings WAY up for this movie! One major recommendation, stay until the very very end of the credits! There is a very short fun added treat for those that do.

Now I’m going to tell you about Mickey in Get a Horse! Get a Horse is a Mickey short that plays with Frozen. Below are spoilers for this short so read only if you don’t mind spoilers!

Mickey Get a Horse is drawn in the classic Black & White 1928 Ub Iwerks style. (Ub Iwerks created the original Mickey Mouse cartoons.) The cartoon starts out in black and white. Mickey and the gang are riding on hay wagon pulled by an early version of Horace Horsecollar. Pegleg Pete come up behind the fun loving gang and starts pulling his usual tricks. Here is where the cartoon gets interesting. Pete tosses Mickey and Horace so hard they break through the screen and become color! If you see this in 3D it is really amazing as they go from black & white to full color (just the characters) AND to 3D from 2D style of animation!

Here is something interesting to know. The voice used for Mickey Mouse was Mickey’s original voice talent, Walt Disney. They compiled the words from other Mickey Mouse shorts that Walt did. The only problem was Walt only did the voice of Mickey for black and white cartoons. He never did Mickey saying the word “red”. When you hear that word in the cartoon remember it was never said by Walt. It took several months of cutting together the individual sounds to make up that word to get it right. Just listen for the word in the short!

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