Friday, November 29, 2013

Disney's LuminAria

Disney’s LuminAria

Disney’s LuminAria was Disney California Adventure first Holiday show in the Paradise Bay. It lasted only one season (Holiday Season 2001) due to some technological issues and poor guest reaction. I will be honest I loved LuminAria.

LuminAria had several floating “packages” and stylized Christmas Trees. The packages would open up and become large screens. Guests of all ages could draw a “Holiday Card” and Cast Members would scan it. These greetings would be projected on the LuminAria screens during the show.

Low level fireworks were also a part of the LuminAria show. This was ultimately the major problem with the show. The smoke from the fireworks would linger over the show area causing some problems for the guests. Truthfully I had no problem with the smoke and I have asthma.

The music for Disney’s LuminAria was beautiful and up until the last couple of years was available on the Disneyland Holiday music CD.

Trying to compare the new World of Color Winter Dreams to LuminAria is impossible for me. Both shows are beautiful and a fantastic way to celebrate the holidays at the Disneyland Resort. I enjoyed being able to go to the park and make a card and watch for it in the show. I had several cards I made get into LuminAria. Like LuminAria, Winter Dreams offered guests a chance to draw a card and many of them were put into the show. Unlike LuminAria, Winter Dreams only allowed for the cards to be submitted before the show was completed and there are no changes in the cards day to day as there was with LuminAria.

The pictures in this post are from the Yesterland website. Yesterland celebrates all of Disneyland from the past.

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